How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your System? – Cocaine Detection Times

How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your System? – Cocaine Detection Times

Cocaine is an illegal drug substance that is a fairly short-acting drug. It usually lasts only five to thirty minutes, but can be detected in your system for much longer, possibly up to 144 hours after taking the drug. Blood, saliva, or even urine tests can exhibit traces of cocaine. While cocaine is broken down in the liver after two hours, metabolites associated with cocaine use, such as benzoylecgonine and ecgonine methyl ester, stays in the system for much longer. But just how long can cocaine be detected in your system?

Cocaine Metabolism

Many factors can contribute to the metabolism of cocaine. Taking cocaine in larger quantities means that it will take longer to break down and stay in the system longer. Furthermore, regular cocaine use will build up in the body, thus requiring more time to be eliminated from the body. Forms of ingestion also determine how long the drug will stay in the body. For instance, taking cocaine orally will take about 30 minutes to take effect and reach its peak after 90 minutes. Smoking cocaine takes effect almost immediately, entering the bloodstream quickly. Also entering the body quickly, snorting cocaine can lead to a high within three minutes and reaching its height after 15 minutes. Injecting cocaine is one of the quickest forms of achieving a high and also peaks within minutes. Cocaine can be detected in saliva, but it must be shortly after intake as the half-life of cocaine in salina is a little over an hour. Urine will show traces of cocaine for up to four days after taking the drugs. Other contributing factors to cocaine metabolism include body mass index, metabolism rates, and age. Higher body mass index leads to slower metabolism, thus taking longer to break down substances such as cocaine.

Dangers of Cocaine Use

Cocaine has such a quick high that leads to a heightened euphoric state, but along with the pleasure of drug use comes dangers that can be extremely harmful. Continuous use that causes build up in the body increases the chances of overdose. Frequent use also leads to dependency. Trying to break a drug habit causes painful withdrawal symptoms that are difficult to overcome alone. Dependency on cocaine can also result in the loss of family, friends, or even your life. It doesn’t only affect you, but those around you as well. Before things get this bad, consider a 30-day drug rehab in Texas.

Negative Effects of Cocaine Use

Cocaine use affects both the body and the mind. Cocaine increases dopamine in the brain, causing the euphoric feeling that comes with cocaine use. But, with this increased dopamine comes irritability and irrational fear after the euphoric feelings wear off. Over time, with increased usage, the brain will no longer be able to naturally handle stress, causing a user to become increasingly dependent. Not only can it affect the mind, cocaine can change the body. One of the most dangerous effects of cocaine on the body is restricted blood flow. Constricted blood vessels may lead to heart problems, stroke, seizures, come, or even death. If you suspect a loved one of cocaine use, look for signs of physical decline. Weight loss, tooth decay, sexual dysfunction, or bleeding of the lungs, brain, or heart are all serious physical issues that are associated with cocaine use. Different forms of taking cocaine can further exacerbate health issues. Smoking can lead to lung problems, snorting can affect the sense of smell and cause nosebleeds, injecting leaves legions or possible exposure to HIV or Hepatitis C from sharing needles. Because of the dangers of cocaine use, addiction is harmful. Consult with a cocaine rehab center in Texas to begin the journey of overcoming addiction.

Break Free From Addiction

Cocaine can destroy families and lives. It is not something to be taken lightly or ignored. Withdrawal symptoms can make breaking free from cocaine addiction a difficult task to go through alone. Don’t take on this enormous task by yourself. Cocaine rehab offers medically supervised detox programs to help you through withdrawal systems and monitor your health through the process. A Summer Sky inpatient rehab program has recovery programs and support groups so that you don’t have to feel alone throughout the process. Counselors and support groups will be by your side, cheering you on and offering support when you feel old habits and feeling begin to creep in. For those ready to begin the journey on the road to freedom, it could be time to consider rehab. At Summer Sky, we offer programs to suit your needs. Our team of professionals will guide you every step of the way so that you can break free from cocaine addiction and experience life once again.

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