Hitting Rock Bottom

Have you heard the saying that a person only truly wants to change when they have hit rock bottom?
What is rock bottom for one person may not be rock bottom for another.

A recovering Alcoholic once said that rock bottom to the alcoholic and/or addict is “when the last thing you lost or are about to lose is more important than the booze or dope then you have hit rock bottom.” What is your or your loved one’s rock bottom?
Is it the loss of family and friends?
Is it losing your job, House, car, and all your material things due to your drinking and/or using?
Is it the loss of freedom that comes from being put in jails and/or institutions?

Even worse is it the loss of health and life?

Here at Summer Sky we want to help you avoid the later effects by helping you find a new way of coping and dealing with life. We realize that not all individuals are the same but for the addict and alcoholic they share a common disease affecting many families.
They suffer from a disease that can lead to death if left untreated.
We understand that just like a medicated disease has to have various types of meds and treatments and treatment for one is not always the same for others.
Our Counselors are well equipped to help find your best treatment regimen and help you learn to live that treatment on a daily basis.
The disease of addiction and alcoholism is not a curable disease but when the right treatment regimen is found and lived by it is a manageable disease. So, don’t go another day without help because a person never knows when it will be their last day. Give Summer Sky a call today!!!

Life one at a time


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