Heroin Detox Programs

Heroin Detox Programs:

We know that this addictive substance is powerful and that the addiction must be treated with advanced medical detox protocols and offered practical solutions to help the individual overcome their heroin use disorder. Medical Detox is a critical component of treating people with heroin addictions.

We offer one of the best heroin detox programs in the State of Texas along with residential treatment programs to accommodate an individual after medical detox is completed with more substance use disorder treatment services. If you want to get free from heroin, we can help you achieve this goal.

Common Symptoms of Heroin Withdrawal Syndrome:

There is no denying the heroin withdrawal syndrome as the individual with the addiction recognizes this syndrome the first time they run out of the substance. You can ask any heroin addict what’s the worse part of having an addiction to heroin and they will explain running out of the drug because of the uncomfortable heroin withdrawal symptoms.

The onset of Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms:

Heroin withdrawal syndrome is characterized by intense cravings along with flu-like symptoms that make desiring to avoid the symptoms vital importance to avoid the experience. The Heroin withdrawal syndrome can begin within 8 to 12 hours after the individual’s last use and can peak with more intense symptoms around 24 hours after the last use.

The amount of heroin in the system and tolerance to the drug do impact the severity of the initial withdrawal symptoms. People with long histories of using heroin have been known to experience more severe withdrawal symptoms.

Length of Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms:

The duration of heroin withdrawal symptoms can last 3 to 5 days and for some people 4 to 7 days for people with severe heroin use disorders. The duration of the withdrawal symptoms is impacted by other addictive substances in the body. Some people have fast-acting metabolisms which break down the addictive substances quickly, while other people may slowly metabolize the heroin.

Most Common Reported Symptoms of Withdrawal:

As mentioned earlier the withdrawal symptoms are closely related to the flu with intense nausea and vomiting experienced with a tendency to experience diarrhea. Most people describe goose bumps on their arms or throughout the body. A large majority of people describe symptoms of runny nose, irritated eyes with tears that come and go throughout the withdrawal syndrome. People will experience yawning along with some stomach pains. This is all without medical detox to manage symptoms.

Medical Problems During Withdrawal Syndrome:

Some people don’t drink fluids and experience dehydration which can be dangerous and create other problems with muscle cramps or spasms during the detox process. The individual may have a lack of nutrients in the body which can complicate the detoxification of the heroin withdrawal process.

The individual sometimes needs potassium and magnesium because of their diminished nutritional deficiency or malnutrition. The lack of nutrients can cause more intense problems with heroin withdrawal symptoms. Some people with heroin addictions go into depression during detox and after the detox process is completed. The most common characteristic is a lack of motivation to move for an extended time. Heroin users describe this as being “dope sick”.

It is Suggested That People with Heroin Use Disorder Enter Detox:

We believe it is in the best interest of someone who is addicted to heroin to choose a heroin detox center to get help at to make sure that no complications exist in going through heroin withdrawal symptoms. It is safer to go into medical detox than to attempt to do withdrawal by yourself or continue using when you need detoxification services.

Today, we have better treatment and medical detoxification services for people with heroin addictions than in the past, as medication protocols are safer and more effective than in past years. We can help you avoid uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms in heroin detox programs.

Below are the Most Common Withdrawal Symptoms of Heroin:

Nausea Vomiting Diarrhea
Goosebumps Runny nose Teary eyes
Yawning Muscle Spasms Stomach Pains
Muscle cramps Anxiety Insomnia
Hot and cold flushes Perspiration Some Twitching
Cold Feelings Heart Pounding Muscle Tension


More About Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms:

An individual must enter a heroin detox center to be detoxified by a medical team to help with the heroin withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms need to be treated aggressively with detoxification. It’s important for people entering detox to report to the nursing and medical staff if other addictive substances are in your body system especially alcohol or cocaine.

If an individual is combining alcohol and heroin or cocaine and heroin the entire withdrawal process will be adjusted to account for the other substance in the body system. It is also critical that you mention other addictive substances that might be in your body.

A detox center will need to know about alcohol, PCP, Barbiturates, benzodiazepines, or other opioid substances. If you do not share all substances in your body, it could result in grand mal seizures and be harmful to you as the detox center will need to correctly account for all addictive substances.

Types of Texas Drug Rehabs for Heroin:

The residential treatment program is the most common form of treatment for heroin use disorders. These inpatient treatment programs are often utilized after medical detoxification & stabilization are completed. There are three primary lengths of the duration of common treatment services.

30-Day rehabs:

Many people with heroin addictions choose to attend 30-day rehabs after completing the detox process. More people choose this form of treatment than all other forms of treatment for people with heroin use disorders. These treatment programs are covered by most health insurance plans, and some have affordable addiction treatment options for those needing to pay privately for treatment.

60-Day Rehabs:

If you have a history of relapse or repeated attempts at recovery in the past and found yourself returning to heroin after completing other short-term treatment programs, then consider the 60-day rehab program. It is often utilized by people with more severe heroin use disorders. If you experience a lot of psychological cravings after medical detox or during a shorter duration of treatment, then consider attending a 60-day rehab program.

90-day rehabs:

This is sure to help you overcome your heroin addiction as it is the most comprehensive form of addiction treatment in Texas and across the United States. The 90-day rehabs allow for more time to heal the brain that has been used to copious amounts of heroin. The 90-day rehab program can dramatically help you recover from heroin addiction.

Plan Your Detox Today:

There is no reason to wait to enter a heroin detox center as most detox centers will provide 24-hour-a-day admissions 7 days a week. Our Texas Drug Rehabs and Texas Medical Detox Programs place a high priority on people dealing with heroin use disorders. You can call our admission department and discuss our treatment programs at 1-888-857-8857.

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