Hawaii Addiction Centers

In untreated, chronic and progressive alcohol or drug addiction can lead to severe health concerns or even death.  If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction, get the treatment you need to lead a healthier lifestyle from Hawaii addiction treatment centers.  Addiction treatment centers can provide a successful path to recovery. Reach out to Summer Sky addiction treatment center in Hawaii. We are here to help.

Support and Guidance Throughout

Feelings of nervousness and apprehension are common for those who are considering addiction treatment.  Not knowing what to expect can be overwhelming. At Summer Sky, we strive to create a family-like environment where you can feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire process.  Supportive staff will guide and help you during this time. Most staff have had a personal encounter with addiction treatment, whether by helping a loved one through rehab or experiencing rehab themselves.  They can empathize with you and encourage you as you begin your recovery journey, knowing exactly what you are going through. With the proper support system in place, you are better able to work towards your sobriety goals and a lifetime of freedom from addiction.

Why Choose Summer Sky?

Summer Sky is a top-rated Hawaii addiction treatment center that strives to offer the highest in quality care.  In fact, they have worked hard to achieve the highest certification available and are joint commission approved for drug treatment.  But quality care doesn’t have to expensive. At Summer Sky, you can receive the care you need at a price that you can afford. Summer Sky offers some of the lowest treatment rates available and is in-network with most major insurances.  Whether you decide a 30-day program or a 90-day program is right for you, Summer Sky has exactly the program you need that is tailored to meet your needs. No two treatment plans are alike so you are sure that you are getting treatment specifically designed with you in mind.  With the tools and skills learned through addiction treatment, you break the cycle of addiction and achieve lifelong sobriety. Find out more information by calling Summer Sky or by visiting their website at summersky.us. Don’t wait any longer to find healing and get your life back.