GOGA Yoga Alcohol or Drug Rehabs

Yoga and Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs:

Experiencing yoga is not something everyone thinks about when they are seeking help from an alcohol or drug rehab program. However, once a person has finished medical detoxification and enters residential treatment a person begins to look at options to help improve their overall health. Having access to Yoga Classes with a trained Yoga instructor is an extra added benefit to receiving treatment at Summer Sky Treatment Center.

Where does yoga fit into the treatment process?

Once a person enters residential treatment, they begin to learn various ways to improve their lives with self-discipline techniques. During alcohol or drug treatment, there are different opportunities, therapies, and techniques that are taught to help a person learn self-discipline. Yoga is a practice that can help a person learn self-discipline and teach a person about the importance of being committed to the practice. When someone is being treated for alcohol or drugs, they are introduced to personal recovery. Personal recovery involves a certain amount of self-discipline and commitment which yoga helps re-enforce the needed self-discipline for a personal recovery program. Yoga improves a person’s self-awareness and creates a clear objective and measurable outcomes. Yoga enhances a person’s health while teaching a person how to focus on becoming more self-aware. When a person is in treatment being able to focus and have self-awareness are necessary to stay clean and sober.

What is GOGA Yoga?

In addition to your regular yoga practices at Summer Sky, our treatment center utilizes a new type of yoga called GOGA Yoga (Baby Goat Yoga). GOGA Yoga was created as an idea to inspire people that have never experienced Yoga before. It is an introduction to yoga classes that create a fun and exciting way to experience yoga. The intimidating factor of yoga is removed when the baby goats are present in the yoga classes. The excitement that our patient’s experience can be seen on their smiling faces and the baby goats offer up some extra cuddling attention during the yoga sessions. Not to mention you are sure to laugh which is great medicine for your health all by itself.


Summer Sky GOGA Yoga (Baby Goats):

Summer Sky offers a lot of different alcohol and drug treatment therapies in its programs. We understand that many of our patients are dealing with severe substance use disorders and motivation to complete treatment is important during treatment. The Yoga class is a traditional Vinyasa class which is the most popular style of yoga in the western world. However, GOGA Yoga is not traditional in any sense of the word. The baby goats are Nigerian Pygmy Dwarf goats who play, run, hop and jump around and sometimes stop to try and get a kiss from you. They are adorable and enhance the entire yoga experience.

History of Yoga and its Practice:

Yoga has been described as a spiritual practice, and many people believe it will help to enhance a person’s self-discipline with their body, mind, and spirit. Yoga compliments a person’s treatment experience while they are being treated for problems associated with alcohol or drugs. Yoga teaches a person to learn to use breath control, simple meditation, stretching, bodily postures for health and relaxation. This pre-Vedic Indian tradition is sure to fascinate you and show you ways to move your body that you never imagined was possible. Modern yoga has become popular as a system of physical exercise. Some are attracted to yoga for the exercise and stretching as it does improve a person’s physical health. Others are attracted to yoga as a meditative and spiritual practice. However, no matter what attracts you to the yoga experience people benefit from the physical aspect of the practice. For people in alcohol and drug rehabs, it’s a good practice to begin while in treatment and can be a great practice to continue after leaving treatment.

Summer Sky is the first alcohol and drug rehab program to offer the GOGA Yoga (Baby Yoga):

Before you laugh too hard and we are glad you were able to smile seeing the GOGA Yoga (Baby Yoga) name. You may not be aware of this fact but GOGA Yoga is the newest enthusiasm in yoga practice catching the United States by storm. GOGA was created right here in the great State of Texas, and it utilizes baby goats to enhance your yoga experience. Our patients at Summer Sky enthusiastically support attending the GOGA Yoga classes at Summer Sky.

Do you need alcohol treatment or drug treatment?

If you or a loved one is looking for alcohol or drug treatment, then contact our 24-hour 7-days a week admissions hotline at 1-888-857-8857 to discuss the various treatment options that Summer Sky will provide you or a loved one. We look forward to helping you receive alcohol and drug treatment services.

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