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About Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth is a popular destination city in the country.  It ranked in the top 20th for largest cities in the US and has over 9.4 million visitors each year.  The appeal of Fort Worth lies in its unique entertainment districts that have much to offer.  From dining and shopping to entertainment, Nascar racing, rodeos, world-class museums, biking, horseback riding, cowboy cuisine, and cultural experiences, there’s never a dull moment when you live or visit Fort Worth. 

The History of Fort Worth

Fort Worth is made up of 3 counties that cover approximately 350 square miles in the Lone Star state of Texas.  It is the 5th largest city in Texas with a population of about 800,000.  This historic city began as an army outpost in 1849.  E.S. Terrell was the first official resident of Fort Worth.  Gradually, this small post grew into one of the busiest cities in Texas as it became a stop along the Chisholm Trail.  Cattle were brought along this trail to be traded or sold.  Eventually, the ranching industry took hold in Fort Worth and became a main source of industry and income for many.

The Industries of Fort Worth

Manufacturing is one of the largest industries in Fort Worth.  Major employers that call Fort Worth home include Lockheed Martin, American Airlines, Pier 1 Imports, Radioshack, and Bell Helicopter Textron.  Tourism is also an important industry as almost 9 million people choose to visit this city each year, netting a tourist income of almost 1.2 billion.  It’s a great destination place that many people enjoy.

Things to Do in Fort Worth

When you live or visit in Fort Worth, there are numerous activities for both adults and children.  The stockyard national historic district is a place to explore the western heritage of Texas.  See unique and cultural art pieces when you visit the cultural district.  Learn all about thousands of animals at the top-ranked Fort Worth Zoo.  Of course, you can’t forget to root for America’s favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, and attend a game at AT&T Stadium located in the heart of the city.  There are historic sites, many attractions, family fun for everyone, and sporting events galore, all right at your fingertips in Fort Worth, Texas.  With a year-round mild, sunny climate, many people are thrilled to call this place home.

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Drug Addiction in Fort Worth

Fort Worth is in close proximity to the Mexico border where illegal drugs run rampant. Because of this, drug addiction in Fort Worth has become a major concern. This great city is unfortunately at the center of the drug trafficking ring because it is part of the popular Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area where nearly seven and a half million people reside. Because of its large popularity, it is a prime target market for smuggling and distributing illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine that are primarily made in the neighboring country of Mexico. The presence of these drugs only increases the risk of drug abuse in Fort Worth, Texas creating a growing problem that city officials must fight against. For the people of Fort Worth, drugs aren’t the only problems they face. In fact, alcoholism ranks at the top of the list of abused substances in Fort Worth. Thankfully, substance abuse of any kind can be addressed through drug rehab treatment programs.

Drug Trafficking from Mexico

Fort Worth’s economy may be booming with industry, but sadly, it is also largely affected by drug trafficking from Mexico. Illegal drugs are a huge industry across the nation, marketing anywhere from $200 to $700 billion dollars each year. Drug cartels in Mexico seek to take advantage of this by bringing drugs across the border and into American cities such as Fort Worth. The most common drugs that are brought into the country from Mexico are Methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana. For instance, in 2018, 66 pounds of meth were found at a Texas airport being smuggled into the country from Mexico. Drugs are traveling across the country and, sadly, many of them are coming from Mexico through Texas cities such as Fort Worth. Because these drugs are so readily available in the city, more and more Fort Worth residents are facing an addiction problem. Hundreds of thousands of people across the city are affected each and every day by substance abuse, whether they themselves face addiction or know a loved one who is affected by drug abuse. There is hope for recovery from addiction through Fort Worth drug rehabs who offer individualized treatment that can help you overcome the cycle of addiction and find your way back to freedom once again.

How Is Fort Worth Affected by Drug Addiction?

In 2014, over 55,000 people sought treatment for drug addiction.  Alcohol ranked at the top of the list with over 15,000 people turning to rehab for help.  Approximately 10,000 people sought treatment for cocaine, 7,500 for amphetamines, 6,500 for marijuana, and 5,500 for cocaine.  Fort Worth itself has also been affected by drug addiction.  Alcohol abuse is a major concern in both the state of Texas and major cities such as Fort Worth.  In 2012, the state’s per capita consumption of alcohol was 2.28 gallons.  Marijuana and methamphetamines are next on the list of illegal substances that lead to addiction problems in Fort Worth.  In fact, the rate of methamphetamine abuse has increased in recent years even though laws have been put into place to make obtaining methamphetamine even more difficult.  P2P is the most common form of meth that is produced in Mexico and brought into Fort Worth.  In 2015, more people died in Tarrant County from a methamphetamine overdose than from opioids.  It is clear that substance abuse is a rising concern in Tarrant County and specifically in Fort Worth.  In the metro area, 8.2% of the people (over 400,000 people) that live in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro that reported suffering from addiction.  The pattern of abuse is undeniable and one that should be addressed before it’s too late.

Which Drugs Are the Worst in Fort Worth?

At the top of the list of the worst drug in Fort Worth are alcohol, methamphetamines, and marijuana.  Marijuana remains in the lead of illegal substances that cause individuals to seek treatment.  Fort Worth has not escaped the opioid crisis that threatens the nation either.  In Tarrant County alone, 33% of all admissions into drug rehabs were for opioid addiction.  Additionally, in 2017, the city of Fort Worth administered the life-saving Narcan dose 533 more times than it did just 2 years prior.  The troubling fact that only 10% of all who live with addiction in Fort Worth are able to seek the treatment they need leads many to believe that more should be done to address drug abuse in Fort Worth, Texas.  Inpatient drug rehab is one of many options that are available to those who need help.  If you suffer from addiction, know that help is available through Fort Worth Texas drug rehabs such as Summer Sky.

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in Fort Worth

Statistics show that alcohol abuse has risen dramatically in the Dallas-Fort Worth area over the last several years.  Heavy drinking is becoming the norm and many are turning to alcohol.  6.7% of Texans report struggling with heavy drinking.  From 2013 to 2014, an estimated 1.4 million Texans aged 12 or older admitted to abusing alcohol, but only 6% of them actually sought and received treatment for alcoholism.  Heavy drinking in Tarrant County between the years of 2005 and 2012 has also increased drastically.  Even young school-aged children are exposed to alcohol as 58% of students from 7th to 12th grade reported drinking alcohol.  For many, alcohol is simply an escape for a short period of time.  But over time, too much drinking can lead to larger and more significant problems such as alcohol abuse or alcoholism. Alcohol Use Disorder is more common than you might think, and treatment is available.  If you think you may have a problem with alcohol, there are supportive professionals at Summer Sky who can answer your questions and help you get the necessary treatment. 

The Opioid Epidemic in Fort Worth

There’s no denying the opioid epidemic that is sweeping the nation.  National headlines make it abundantly clear that opioids are an addictive substance that has taken the nation by storm.  Fort Worth has not escaped the opioid problem.  Prescription drugs such as methadone are serious additives.  What once was taken to manage pain can become something that you rely on to get through each day.  Medical professionals are aware of the addictive properties of opioids are therefore writing fewer and fewer prescriptions.  But this lack of availability is causing many to take to the streets to find their next high.  The problem with opioids is that they can also lead to heavier drug use such as heroin or cocaine.  Opioids are also on the list of highly addictive substances that can lead to accidental overdose.  Drugs like buprenorphine have caused an increase in drug-related death tolls due to benzodiazepine poisoning.  Medical detoxification programs or cognitive behavior therapy offered at drug rehabs across Fort Worth are proven treatment methods to combat the raging opioids epidemic. 

Methamphetamine Abuse in Fort Worth

Street drugs such as methamphetamine are used by people of all ages and backgrounds in Fort Worth as a means to cope with life or take the edge off of the stressors of life.  But the reality is what began as a harmless way to escape reality becomes a stronghold of addiction that isn’t easily broken.  In both Texas and Fort Worth, P2P, a form of methamphetamine, is growing in popularity.  It is particularly popular among teenagers and young adults.  Most of the methamphetamine that makes its way into Fort Worth comes from Mexico, especially since the ban of sales of large quantities of pseudoephedrine in the United States.  Methamphetamine is brought into the country and then converted into “ice”.  This addictive substance can be injected, snorted, or smoked.  From 2002 to 2012, Texas has seen a 10% increase in methamphetamine abuse as well as a rising number of seizures of this illegal drug.  Once methamphetamine has a foothold in your life, it can be extremely difficult to take back control.  Only with the help of local Fort Worth rehabs does breaking free from methamphetamine abuse become a reality.

Cocaine Addiction in Fort Worth

Cocaine, made from the coca plant found in South America, is a powerful and addictive stimulant.  Cocaine use has been on the decline while heroin use has been on the rise across the state of Texas, but still, approximately 11% of all Texas treatment admissions in 2013 were due to cocaine use.  Like many of the other drugs that enter Fort Worth such as meth, marijuana, and heroin, cocaine is made in Mexico and then largely distributed by drug trafficking from across the border.  The short term effects of cocaine use may include restlessness, muscle spasms, rising blood pressure, nausea, or a fast heartbeat.  However, serious cocaine use over time will lead to lasting health concerns such as severe mood swings, malnourishment, deterioration of the heart, increased stroke risk, or even accidental overdose death. 

Marijuana and Synthetic Cannabinoids in Fort Worth

In Texas, marijuana has been legalized in some forms, but not others.  While marijuana may be becoming more and more accepted by society, many still don’t recognize its dangerous potential.  The use of marijuana can cause some to turn to even harder substances such as heroin or cocaine.  Additionally, synthetic marijuana is also becoming more and more popular, yet this is an even more dangerous form of the drug.  The appeal of synthetic marijuana is that it can’t be detected on drug tests.  But synthetic marijuana such as spice or K2 has been responsible for many accidental poisonings because of what it is made with.  For instance, there have been some cases of rat poison or even embalming fluid being mixed with synthetic marijuana.    23% of all drug-related admissions for treatment in 2013 in Texas were due to marijuana use.  There’s no drug that is without any effects or consequences when used and abused.

Other Commonly Abused Drugs in Fort Worth

Hallucinogens are another commonly abused drug found on the streets and in the clubs of Fort Worth.  Although not mentioned as much anymore, drugs such as ecstasy or even shrooms (mushrooms) are still a problem in the city.  Among teenagers and the younger generation, inhalants have become a problem.  Inhalants such as spray paint, markers, glue, or cleaning supplies are bought solely for the purpose of sniffing and experiencing a high.  They breathe in the fumes created by these inhalants.  The high doesn’t last long.  Users must inhale over and over again to experience the desired high, which can be dangerous and lead to long-term health concerns such as liver and kidney damage or brain damage.

HIV from Injected Drug Use

The sharing of syringes or needles is dangerous and can lead to infectious diseases such as HIV or Hepatitis C.  However, when under the influence of addictive drugs, reasoning and the ability to think clearly goes out the window.  Shooting up heroin or cocaine with syringes and needles is a common way to experience a high.  But the problem is that this can lead to sharing of supplies which can, in turn, lead to exposure to HIV from injected drug use.  Even washing equipment in the same dirty sink or water can lead to exposure or infection.  It is important to know the consequence of sharing needles or syringes.  Even more importantly, it is crucial to seek help for drug addiction before something like this can happen to you.

Drug-Related Death Tolls in Fort Worth

In the Lone Star State, deaths related to drug overdoses have nearly tripled in the past 18 years, up from approximately 1,000 deaths in previous years to almost 3,000 in recent years.  Cocaine and methamphetamines are the leading causes of overdose deaths in Texas followed closely by synthetic opioids.  Synthetic opioids such as fentanyl are some of the deadliest substances across the United States.  This Deadly blue pill is making its way into the South into places such as Fort Worth from across the Mexican border.  It is quickly becoming the cause for the most fatal overdoses in the nation.  While the Fort Worth Star reports opioid overdoses are an all-time low, the death rate among opioids users is still at about 5%. 

Traffic Fatalities Linked to Substance Abuse

The staggering rise of traffic fatalities in Fort Worth have led many to question what the cause of these road fatalities is.  The use of cell phones and negligent driving make up a percentage of all traffic fatalities accidents, but so does driving while intoxicated or while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Texas reported 869 DUI related traffic fatalities.  Almost 40% of these drivers had a BAC of .080 or higher. In Tarrant County in 2017, 17 DUI driver-related fatalities from driving while intoxicated were reported.   

Dangers of Substance Use Disorders

The short term and long term effects of substance abuse can devastate the body.  While short term drug use may not seem like a big deal, prolonged use over time will cause significant damage.  For example, long term substance use disorders can lead to numerous health problems such as poor cardiovascular health, abdominal pain, respiratory problems such as breathing issues or even lung cancer, kidney and liver damage, or even infectious diseases such as HIV or Hepatitis C.  The brain itself is also affected by substance abuse.  Long term drug use can cause memory loss, depression, or anxiety.  There are not just physical effects of drug use, but there are also emotional effects as well.  Addiction ruins families and destroys relationships.  It can affect job performance and lead to financial destruction.  The dangers of substance use disorder are dangerous and undeniable.  Before the long term effects take over, seek help for substance use disorders.

About Summer Sky

When drug or alcohol addiction has taken over your life, find help and support at Summer Sky drug rehab in Fort Worth, Texas.  Our rehab treatment programs are designed to help you overcome your addiction.  We know that no two addictions are exactly alike.  That is why our treatment programs are individualized to give you the specific support you need to break free from addiction.  New and unique treatment options are combined with traditional methods to create a treatment plan that is just right for you.  Cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy sessions such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, or support medications are proven methods to address addiction and get the root cause of substance abuse.  Pet therapy, equine therapy, or even art therapy are additional emotional outlets that can offer a safe place and support as you recover from addiction.

A Top-Rated Rehab Facility

When you struggle with addiction, it is important that you get the help you need at one of the best rehab treatment facilities available.  Summer Sky is a top-rated rehab facility that has been joint commission approved for drug treatment, which is one of the highest certifications a rehab can receive.  Our supportive staff and unmatched treatment programs offer some of the best care available to help you overcome addiction.  We offer numerous treatment options to fit your needs such as 30- or 90-day inpatient drug rehab, intensive outpatient treatment programs, detox and stabilization programs, family treatment programs, or medical detoxification.  If you have experienced a relapse, you can benefit from our Summer Sky relapse track.  Whether you suffer from alcohol use disorder, heroin use disorder, or anything in between, our treatment programs can help. 

Affordable Care for All

Nothing should hold you back from getting the care you need and deserve to get your life back.  That is why Summer Sky works with you to make treatment available and affordable for all.  We offer some of the lowest treatment rates around.  In addition, we also accept most major insurances to further offset the cost of rehab treatment.  There’s nothing more important than your sobriety.  Contact Summer Sky for more information about our proven treatment methods.  Call today or visit our website at

Fentanyl Criss in Fort Worth, Texas:

There are currently 26 different versions of the drug fentanyl that is making their way into Fort Worth, Texas, and across the United States. Most of the fentanyl being sold on the streets is illegally pressed into manufactured fentanyl pills. The fentanyl is being smuggled from across the Texas border regions to Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area.

The local police department, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and Tarrant County Sheriff along with various drug task force teams are working hard to break up as many of the organized criminal organizations, however as demand rises another fentanyl drug dealer pops up as one is arrested.

To make the situation worse first responders are going on a record number of emergency calls for fentanyl overdose situations throughout the city of Fort Worth. The use of Narcan® and outreach programs are stressed to the max as the city does everything, it can to deal with increased fentanyl use.

Drugs Being Cut & Replaced with Fentanyl:

With the rise of more fentanyl being used among citizens of Fort Worth, there is a new trend that has been showing up on the streets and this is the drug fentanyl being used to cut and replace other substances. Fentanyl is making its way into heroin along with drugs sold on the streets as benzodiazepines or more commonly referred to as Xanax®.

The addition of the addictive substance Fentanyl to other substances is causing concerns as it sparks more overdoses in individuals that are not prepared to have the drugs in other substances. Since fentanyl is over 50 times more powerful than heroin alone, the cutting of the drug is causing more problems.

One major concern is that fentanyl is so highly addictive and potent as a synthetic opioid that people unsuspectingly purchase other drugs that have been “cut with the Fentanyl” which is also contributing to more accidental overdoses and adverse reactions requiring hospitalization.

Summer Sky Urges Fort Worth, Texas Community Using Fentanyl to Seek Help:

Summer Sky is a major substance use disorder treatment provider that is treating people with fentanyl addictions. Our drug rehabilitation center is concerned with the current fentanyl crisis and desires to help the Fort Worth, Texas community with the current epidemic in the area.

Our Medical Detox Programs are available and accepting individuals with fentanyl addictions 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We believe that people do not need to hesitate to get treatment and that every moment counts with fentanyl addiction because the next ingestion of the substance could create an overdose situation which could result in fatal consequences. If you have a fentanyl addiction, call us today.

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