Fentanyl Addiction Treatment & Opioid Use Disorders

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment & Opioid Use Disorders

The Opioid Crisis has sparked a rise in Fentanyl use across Texas and throughout the United States. Fentanyl is an immensely powerful synthetic opioid that has been compared to morphine which is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. It is a prescription drug that is manufactured to treat pain, however more recently it is sold on the streets and used illegally. Summer Sky Treatment Center® does provide fentanyl use disorder treatment & medical detox programs to help people addicted to this drug.

The use of this drug is intended to be used to treat individuals with severe pain after surgery or in some cases it is prescribed for chronic conditions where the pain is not tolerated by other opioid substances. The drug when used for an extended period creates a tolerance that occurs when you need a higher or more frequent amount of the drug to receive the desired effects.

One of the newest trends in the usage of fentanyl analogs which are fentanyl with modifications to the substance. Over 30 different fentanyl analogs are being manufactured and, in many cases, these drugs are being passed off as fentanyl in the illegal trade market.

Some of these fentanyl analogs have no therapeutic usefulness. Some of the fentanyl analogs have never been tested on animals or humans which poses a serious risk to public health. These new changes to the base chemical are creating a higher frequency of overdose in many cases across Texas and throughout the United States.

If you are addicted to Fentanyl, seek help immediately!   

Summer Sky Treatment Center is urging people to seek medical detoxification services to prevent an overdose from occurring and allowing addiction professionals to help them become addiction-free from fentanyl and all the various analogs that currently exist. It is better to seek help now than to risk experiencing adverse side effects from the drug. If you have a substance problem with the drug fentanyl or other substance use problems, contact Summer Sky at 1-888-857-8857 for immediate assistance.

Fentanyl Addiction Increases the Likelihood of Overdose            

Since Fentanyl usage has increased it is also a leading precursor to overdose deaths across the United States and it is believed that its increased potency along with rapid tolerance only increases the likelihood that a person can experience a fatal overdose. Someone who has previous experience with addiction to opioids or heroin is often attracted to this substance because of its powerful effects.

Which is creating a demand for the substance in illegal markets across Texas and throughout the United States. Summer Sky Treatment Center® wants individuals and families to be aware of this newer trend as more people are experiencing problems with this substance.

Fentanyl addiction can be treated and recognizing early the signs of an addiction can prevent the possibility of an overdose or death from occurring, however, people mustn’t wait to enter treatment, but as soon as addiction is indicated an individual will need to be planning to enter substance use disorder treatment as soon as possible. Like other opioid use disorders, urgency is important when a person is addicted to Fentanyl. It is also important to know that fentanyl addiction is considered an opioid use disorder and help is readily available from addiction rehab programs in Texas.

Fentanyl Addiction Signs & Symptoms

Fentanyl use disorders begin with impairment or suffering related to the use of ingesting Fentanyl into the body system and the drug is taken in larger amounts over a longer period than was originally intended. Most users do not believe that will become addicted to the substance nor do they expect a powerful desire to use more of the substance.

They may discover very quickly that they are unsuccessful at attempting to cut down their usage or control the amount of Fentanyl that is put into their body. The lack of control is normally the first sign that an addiction is developing or already developed. Some people will seek out the substance before they run out of substance while others may spend a lot of time looking for the substance in the illegal trade market. An individual may notice that it takes a lot of extra time to recover from the effects of the drug.

Fentanyl Craving

While some different signs and symptoms can explain that a person has developed an Opioid Use Disorder some people describe the craving as being an intense or strong desire to seek out the substance or repeatedly use the substance. Many people addicted to the drug will describe the craving as an intense thought or desire that crowds out all other thoughts until they ingest more of the substance.

Fentanyl Addiction Disrupts Work, School, or Home Life

While not everyone experiences a disruption at work, school, or their home life it can be an obvious sign that addiction is in full swing when an individual begins to experience problems at work because of their fentanyl usage. The individual may display a lack of motivation or secretive behavior that was never the case in the past.

An individual may begin to have excessive tardiness or call in sick more than ever before which can be an indication that the individual is attempting to recover from the effects of the drug. If you see extreme drowsiness or nodding off to sleep frequently at work this could be another sign that the problem, exists. Other people report financial problems beginning to develop because of the cost associated with attempting to maintain the addiction.

Fentanyl Addiction Affects Relationships

The continued usage of Fentanyl eventually begins to hinder an individual’s relationships with family members, loved ones, friends, or co-workers. These social problems may increase with time or reoccur causing different interpersonal problems. Fentanyl usage is often a result of increased behavior changes or disruptions that can be noticed in an individual’s social relationships.

Fentanyl Addiction can Affect Motivation

Some of the most obvious areas of decrease are motivation with important relationships or noticed by co-workers. People addicted to this drug may even begin to decrease their involvement in recreational activities because of fentanyl use. Others have given up lifelong hobbies or social clubs, weekly or monthly participation may fall away, or the individual may stop altogether these activities because of fentanyl usage.

Fentanyl Addiction can Create Physical or Psychological Problems

For people that are addicted to fentanyl one of the most disruptive realities is when an individual begins to experience physical problems or psychological problems. Individuals have reported that they attempted to drive a vehicle or operate other machinery while under the influence of the substance which makes it hazardous to an individual’s health or other people.

The individual may mistakenly believe they are ok when the reality is they are not ok to perform these tasks. The individual could continue to use the fentanyl even with the knowledge that they are experiencing physical or psychological problems. Their judgment is often impaired to the point that they don’t recognize the truth about their situation. The continued usage of fentanyl can create a false sense of confidence that all will be ok when the reality is they are too much under the influence of the substance to perform complex tasks.

Fentanyl Addiction Creates Withdrawal Symptoms

The usage of fentanyl does create withdrawal along with an entire opioid withdrawal syndrome. An individual will do their best to try to relieve the withdrawal syndrome by ingesting more of the fentanyl or spending a great amount of time attempting to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms of withdrawal often begin when there is a reduction of the opioid entered into the body especially for people who have been using the substance heavily or for a prolonged period usually over several weeks or longer. It should be noted that some withdrawal symptoms can begin within minutes to several days after their last usage. Below is a list of common Fentanyl withdrawal Symptoms.

Common Fentanyl Withdrawal Symptoms

Uneasy mood Nausea or vomiting Muscle aches
Increased tears Runny nose Pupil dilation
Muscle contraction Hair follicles protrude Sweating
Diarrhea Yawning Fever
Insomnia Bloodshot eyes Restlessness


Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

Summer Sky Treatment Center® is among the best addiction treatment centers in Texas. We specialize in helping people recover from fentanyl use disorders. If you or a loved one needs addiction treatment, we can help you recover from a substance use disorder. To arrange an admission into our addiction detox program or one of our substance use disorder treatment programs you can contact us 24 hours a day 7 days a week by calling us at 1-888-857-8857.

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