Drug Treatment Centers in Vermont

Substance abuse has its unique challenges that must be overcome in order to break free from addiction.
Our drug treatment center in Vermont offers detox and rehab programs to promote recovery and
prevent potential relapse. Summer Sky has proven treatment methods that have helped thousands of
men and women overcome addiction. For over 30 years, our drug treatment programs have helped
people find freedom from addiction, and they can help you, too.

Drug Treatment Programs

Summer Sky is a top-rated rehab facility that stands out among drug treatment centers in Vermont. Our
facility promotes best practices as we seek to bring the best in drug treatment. From traditional
methods to new, cutting-edge programs, you are sure to find a drug treatment program that is
specifically designed to meet your needs. For a 30-day drug treatment program in Vermont that is
tailored to you, contact Summer Sky.

What Should I Expect?

Knowing the expectations of drug treatment programs can ease your mind. At Summer Sky, you can
expect around the clock guidance and support from our knowledgeable staff. Throughout the day, you
will complete scheduled activities based on your individualized treatment plan. During your stay at our
30-day or 90-day treatment center in Vermont, you will attend individual counseling sessions as well as
group therapy sessions where you can bond with others who are going through the same process you
are. Pet therapy, yoga, art classes, or physical exercise and nutrition plans are also part of the drug
treatment program as a way to treat the whole person, your mind, body, and soul. Support from staff
and effective rehab programs make Summer Sky one of the best drug treatment centers in Vermont.

About Summer Sky

Summer Sky has a reputation as being one of the top drug treatment centers in Vermont. Their staff has
undergone extensive training and their facility is Joint Commission Approved for drug treatment. This is
one of the highest certifications a drug treatment facility can achieve, ensuring you are in expert care. If cost is a concern for you, know that Summer Sky offers some of the lowest treatment rates available. They also accept most all major insurances. For quality care at an affordable price, consult with the professionals at Summer Sky.