Drug Treatment Centers in South Dakota

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to overcoming substance abuse problems. If you or
someone you love has admitted to an addiction problem, the next step is to seek help at drug treatment
centers in South Dakota. Summer Sky is a drug treatment center that has helped thousands of men and
women alike experience freedom from addiction for over 30 years. And they can help you, too. If you
are ready to overcome addiction and begin to heal your body, take the necessary steps and consider
drug treatment at Summer Sky, a top drug treatment center in South Dakota.

Guidance and Support Throughout the Recovery Process

Recovery is a difficult process. For this reason, it is crucial that you have a support system to encourage you and surround you during this time. Summer Sky’s kind and caring team of professionals will give you the guidance, support, and encouragement to see you through your recovery. In fact, most of our
staff have had firsthand experience of what it’s like to receive drug treatment. Many of them have
either undergone treatment themselves or walked alongside a close family member who has been
through addiction treatment. Staff strives to create a family-like environment where you feel safe and
loved as you take important steps to become free from addiction at Summer Sky.

New and Innovative Treatment

Whether you feel 30-day drug treatment centers in South Dakota or 90-day drug treatment centers in
South Dakota are right for you, we can offer unique, innovative treatment that will meet your needs at
Summer Sky. Our programs combine traditional treatment with innovative therapies to find what works
best for you. Each program is specifically designed with you in mind and is tailored for each individual
who walks through our doors.

A Confident Choice

Summer Sky is a choice you can confidently make as they hold one of the highest certifications of drug
treatment centers in South Dakota, Joint Commission Approved for drug treatment. For those who fear
that they can’t afford drug treatment, rest assured Summer Sky will work with you to get you the help
you need. They offer some of the lowest treatment rates and are in-network with most major
insurances. For a high-quality, affordable program, Summer Sky is the best drug treatment center in
South Dakota.