Drug Treatment Centers in Rhode Island

When you choose Summer Sky drug treatment center in Rhode Island, you can be sure you have made
an exceptional choice. Staff at Summer Sky offers world-class clinical expertise and care for both our
patients and their families. If you are struggling to overcome an alcohol or drug addiction, drug
treatment at Summer Sky is just the place to help you achieve sobriety and begin the road to recovery.

Drug Treatment for Men and Women Alike

Summer Sky has a reputation of being one of the top drug treatment centers in Rhode Island. In fact,
Summer Sky has been helping both men and women alike overcome substance abuse disorders since
opening its doors over 30 years ago. When you are looking for 30-day drug treatment centers in Rhode
Island that are close to home and offer exceptional and individualized evidence-based drug treatment,
consider the programs at Summer Sky. With 24/7 admission, you are sure to get the help you need
whenever you need it, day or night.

A Top-Rated Drug Treatment Facility

At Summer Sky, your long-term recovery is at the heart of all we do. That is why we offer individualized
treatment plans for each and every patient who chooses Summer Sky. Individual counseling sessions or
group therapy can help you cope with life without addiction. Unique therapy sessions such as yoga,
equine therapy, art therapy, or pet therapy offer emotional outlets during a trying time. Physical
exercise and healthy eating plans build up your body so that it can be at its healthiest during this time.
Summer Sky has achieved the highest certification levels available as they are Joint Commission
Approved for drug treatment. Whether you are seeking a 30-day or 90-day drug treatment center in
Rhode Island, you can be confident when you choose Summer Sky, one of the best drug treatment
centers in Rhode Island.

Affordable Treatment Rates

Many people suffering from addiction know they need help but don’t think they can financially afford it.
At Summer Sky, we want everyone to get the help they deserve. We believe in offering quality care that
is both affordable and accessible. That is why we offer some of the lowest drug treatment rates around.
We are also in-network with most all major insurance companies to offer affordable care. Nothing
should stand in the way of your sobriety. Summer Sky puts your needs first, so give us a call today to
find out more about our exceptional drug treatment care.