Drug Treatment Centers in Nebraska

Drug or alcohol addiction may be holding you back, but know that recovery is possible. Summer Sky has helped thousands of people overcome drug and alcohol addiction since opening its doors in 1985. Our 30-day or 90-day inpatient programs offers a comfortable, homelike environment to ease your worries and concerns. Drug treatment programs at Summer Sky can give you the tools you need to live free of addictions.

A Safe, Neutral Environment

Detoxing, or ridding your body of harmful substances, is the first step of the rehab process. After the detoxification process, a stay at a 30-day drug treatment center in Nebraska is recommended so that you can have a safe and neutral place to prepare yourself to maintain your sobriety. Drug treatment centers in Nebraska are great places to learn the tools to equip yourself to say no to substance abuse. While at Summer Sky, you can avoid any addiction triggers until you are ready to face them head-on. The peaceful, family oriented environment at Summer Sky Addiction Center can give you a great start on your road to recovery, preparing you physically, mentally, and emotionally for life outside of drug treatment centers.

One of the Best Drug Treatment Centers in Nebraska

Summer Sky is a top-rated rehab facility in Nebraska. Their staff has undergone extensive training to give you the best care possible. Additionally, almost every staff member has personally experienced drug treatment centers, either through supporting a family member struggling with addiction, or undergoing treatment themselves. For this reason, they fully prepared to guide you throughout every part of the process, offering support and expert advice along the way. Summer Sky has also received the highest possible certification that 30 and 90-day drug treatment centers can receive as they are Joint Commission Approved for Drug Treatment. Our team of professionals wants nothing more than to see you achieve your goal of overcoming addictions and living a sober lifestyle. That is why strive to give you the highest chance of success by tailoring our program to meet your individual needs. When you choose Summer Sky, you can have confidence that you are choosing one of the top drug treatment centers in Nebraska.

Let Nothing Stand in your Way

When you decide that it’s time to break free from the cycle of addiction, nothing should stand in your way, especially not cost. That is why Summer Sky accepts all major insurances. Furthermore, they also offer some of the lowest treatment rates in the area. Summer Sky is an affordable drug treatment center that can help you begin your journey to recovery, so call today