Drug Treatment Centers in Mississippi

At Summer Sky, we are dedicated to our patient’s recovery and we treat you and your family with the utmost respect. We know that checking in to drug treatment centers in Mississippi is not an easy decision, but it is the right one. If someone you love needs drug treatment and they are not ready to admit it, our experienced staff can assist in planning the intervention. When the patient has been admitted, a medical doctor and our professionals will find out what substances the person is addicted to and we create an individualized plan for the detox and the treatments.

We Help People with a Range of Addictions

At Summer Sky, we offer many treatments for our patients because we know that each person is going to have unique needs. Once we know what your level of addiction is and what substances have been abused, and you have gone through the detoxification program, our staff will guide you towards the therapeutic and social activities that you can choose from.

There are 30 day drug treatment centers in Mississippi, and these are great for people that have a low dependency on drugs and alcohol or need help getting back on track after a relapse. Or, you can check in to 90 day drug treatment centers in Mississippi if this is your first time to rehab or your addiction to a substance is heavy and has lasted for many years. Whatever you decide, know that you when you involve the top drug treatment centers in Mississippi, you get to choose from a variety of treatments and therapies to ensure we find solutions that make sense for you.

Our Admissions Specialist Is Ready for Your Call

Drug treatment centers should not be avoided when you or someone you love is affected by a drug and alcohol addiction. Summer Sky is considered one of the best drug treatment centers in Mississippi, and we have earned the Joint Commission Approved for Drug Treatment. Our rates are low, and we accept all major insurance. Don’t wait to get professional help for your addiction. Soon you can enjoy each day of sober living and reconnect with family, friends, and co-workers.