Alcohol Rehab in Louisiana

Facing the realization of you or a loved one having a drug addiction problem is difficult enough – having to decide the pros and cons of different drug treatment centers shouldn’t make the problem even more difficult.  Summer Sky drug treatment centers in Louisiana have the experience, facilities, and options to help you make this choice as smooth as possible.

Low Treatment Rates

One of the biggest concerns one may have when considering drug treatment is the cost. Rest assured that Summer Sky has low treatment rates for whatever treatment may be needed. Our rates combined with our excellent array of services make Summer Sky the Top Drug Treatment Centers in Louisiana.

Treatment Programs for Effective Results

We realize that every patient’s situation requires a unique and flexible treatment. Summer Sky has become the Best Drug Treatment Centers in Louisiana because we recognize the need for providing our clients with the best treatment paired with a variety of recovery options, including timetables and treatment approaches. Check out Summer Sky rates and our facilities, staff and amenities and find out why Summer Sky is the best 30 Day Drug Treatment Centers in Louisiana.

Summer Sky offers a variety of therapeutic amenities, such as an Olympic-sized heated swimming pool, a challenging R.O.P.E.S. course in a beautiful natural setting and even equine therapy, where our clients can engage with and foster relationships with beautiful horses.

For those who might prefer a longer treatment, please contact Summer Sky to discover why we are top-ranked among 90 Day Drug Treatment Centers in Louisiana. Our wonderful amenities provide a comfortable setting, while our experienced staff offer the most effective therapies to foster successful treatments.

Summer Sky Offers Family Treatment Options, as Well as Outpatient Services

If you or a loved one is dealing with the devastating effects of drug addiction, please do not delay in contacting Summer Sky Drug Treatment Center in Louisiana. Don’t let time constraints hinder a recovery for a fulfilling life. Our website contains a contact form online that is quick to fill out and will result in a fast response and our attentive staff is always available to help in any way. Contact today.

We Encourage You to Reach Out

Don’t wait another day to get professional help. A simple phone call can lead the way to sobriety and help keep your family together and healthy. Addiction affects more than the patient. Summer Sky has a variety of treatment options and timetables to allow for your own unique needs.  We are here for you and your loved ones. Call and get information today and find out how to give hope to you and the people that love you.