Drug Treatment Centers in Indiana

You should not be afraid or worried about reaching out to drug treatment centers in Indiana. Whether you have a loved one that is suffering from addiction or you are ready to take control of your life, the best drug treatment centers in Indiana have the therapeutic tools and clinical care techniques to help you get your life back on track.

Beyond those qualities, Summer Sky also have an exceptional staff that is there to support and help patients as they learn skills to cope and live a fulfilling life of sobriety. By staying fully staffed at the drug treatment centers, we are able to give patients our undivided attention and listen to their experience. We treat each patient with integrity and respect because we know that addiction can happen to anyone.

A Top-Rated Facility to Help You Along the Path

Our 30 day drug treatment centers in Indiana are top-rated and come equipped with everything from an Olympic sized swimming to scenic views. Addiction does more than make you physically dependent, it can also have a mental hold on you. Each drug treatment is tailored to your specific needs and the atmosphere is designed to relaxing. We want to you to have the space you need to find clarity and peace of mind.

A Safe Environment

Going to a safe environment for addiction treatment helps relieve a lot of the stresses that come with getting clean. Not only do we have a doctor to oversee the clinical care, but we provide you with a neutral place that is free of distractions. As one of the top drug treatment centers in Indiana, we take great strides to create a safe place for our patients.

A Phone Call Is All It Takes to Begin

To get more information about 90 day drug treatment centers in Indiana, call a addiction recovery professional at Summer Sky. We have treatments for 30 and 90 day inpatients as well as outpatients, family programs, and much more. Our treatment center accepts all major insurances and has low prices and occasion specials to help ease any financial stress. Don’t wait to make that important phone call to learn more about drug treatments and programs.