Drug Treatment Centers in Idaho

Summer Sky treatment center offers effective and affordable treatment for all types of addictions. It is a recognized 90-day drug treatment center in Idaho that can educate you and provide coping skills to maintain sobriety. While this can be a difficult process, we work hard to make it as comfortable as possible with knowledgeable professionals to guide you every step of the way.


About Drug Treatment

Our 30-day drug treatment center in Idaho is unlike any other drug treatment centers. It is a carefully designed program to tailor to the mind, body, and soul alike. Addiction treatment saves lives in that it can address primary addictions and stop the substance abuse progression that can destroy lives. Summer Sky’s unique program specifically takes your addiction journey into account to create an individualized program just for you.

Affordable Rates

The cost of drug treatment centers in Idaho can feel like a financial burden on families. Summer Sky recognizes this and strives to make treatment affordable for families. That is why we offer some of the lowest treatment rates compared to treatment centers in the area. We accept all major insurances for both 30-day treatment stays and 90-day treatment stays, depending on what you feel is the right choice for you. We boast of a treatment staff that that has won many awards for their cutting-edge addiction treatment programs. Now we have made it a goal to make exceptional drug treatment more affordable with low rates as well as high-quality programs

The Best Drug Treatment Center in Idaho

Since 1985, Summer Sky has opened its doors to those seeking to get free from drug or alcohol addictions. We employ a staff that excels in helping others overcome addiction as 80% of them have either helped a family member overcome addiction or have overcome an addiction themselves, so they know what it’s like to be in your place. In addition to personal experience, the staff has also received highly skilled training. The facility is Joint Commission approved for Drug Treatment, which is one of the highest certifications a Drug Treatment Center can receive, qualifying them as one of the best drug treatment centers in Idaho. They are a reputable treatment center that can give you the confidence you need to lead an addiction-free life.