Drug Treatment Centers in Delaware

Summer Sky drug treatment center in Delaware specialized in substance use disorder.  If you have admitted that you have a problem and are ready to get help, contact Summer Sky.  Summer Sky has helped thousands of men and women overcome addiction since opening their doors over 30 years ago.  They are dedicated to helping you find solutions to addiction so that you can progress towards healing. It can take time to properly heal.  With Summer Sky’s 30-day or 90-day treatment centers in Delaware, you are able to take all the time you need to overcome addiction.

Why Should I Choose Summer Sky?

Summer Sky is a program designed to meet all emotional, physical, medical, and social needs associated with substance use disorders.  The focus is to help those affected by addiction stop the progression and take back control of their lives. In fact, Summer Sky is one of the top drug treatment centers in Delaware as they are joint commission approved for drug treatment.  Expert staff is trained to guide and encourage you throughout the entire process. You truly are in good hands at Summer Sky.

Can I Afford Drug Treatment?

Many people feel that seeking treatment from 30-day drug treatment centers in Delaware will put a financial burden on their families that they can’t afford.  But Summer Sky seeks to make treatment affordable for all. They offer some of the lowest drug treatment rates among drug treatment centers in Delaware. Summer Sky is also in-network with most all major insurances to further offset cost of treatment. Don’t let anything stand between you and your health.  Summer Sky offers high-quality care at an affordable rate.

A Place of Healing

A supportive, encouraging environment is important to your success in drug treatment.  Summer Sky strives to create a family-like environment where you feel supported throughout the process.  Group therapy sessions provide support and encouragement from others experiencing just what you are going through.  Individual counseling sessions provide the knowledge and tools you need to maintain your sobriety even outside of rehab.  Equine therapy, art therapy, or even pet therapy session give you an emotional outlet to address addiction at its core. At Summer Sky, your healing is our top priority, and drug treatment programs reflect that.  To receive care from one of the best drug treatment centers in Delaware, contact Summer Sky today. For more information, visit our website at summersky.us.