Drug Treatment Centers in Connecticut

Coming to the realization that you have an addiction problem is a big first step.  But finding a drug treatment center in Connecticut that can give you the knowledge and support you need to fight addiction is also important.  Studies show that drug treatment centers increase your chances of getting sober over attempting to achieve sobriety on your own. If you are ready to begin your recovery journey, Summer Sky can help. As a top-rated drug rehab facility, Summer Sky stands out among drug treatment centers in Connecticut.  

Summer SKY is the Best Treatment Center

You may wonder what it is about Summer Sky that makes it one of the best drug treatment centers in Connecticut.  From a supportive staff to affordable, high-quality, individualized programs, Summer Sky has it all. Our treatment programs are designed to meet your specific needs.  We tailor our drug treatment programs to each and every person who walks through our doors, and no two programs are exactly alike. Additionally, Summer Sky recognizes the need to offer care for everyone who desires to break the cycle of addiction.  For this reason, we offer some of the most affordable treatment programs available and are also in network with most major insurances. When you choose to undergo treatment at Summer Sky, you can rest assured that you are receiving the very best in care.  Supportive staff members who understand what you are going through walk alongside you every step of the way. Our family-like atmosphere make it easier to leave your home and seek treatment. Not only do we have excellent staff members, but Summer Sky is also one of the top drug treatment centers in Summer Sky as they are joint commission approved for drug treatment. Because Summer Sky has achieved this highest level of certification you know you are in good hands.

About Treatment Programs

Summer Sky is not about a one size fits all treatment.  We make it a priority to offer individualized treatment options that are tailored to the whole person, mentally, physically and emotionally.  Innovative treatment options such as yoga, pet therapy, or equine therapy are combined with more traditional methods such as counseling or group therapy for a balanced program that meets your needs.  If you are considering 30-day drug treatment centers in Connecticut or even 90-day drug treatment centers in Connecticut, then look no further than Summer Sky. We have been helping men and women overcome addiction for over 30 years and want to help you too.  Contact us today or visit our website at summersky.us for more information about our programs.