Drug Treatment Centers in Austin Texas

Drug Treatment Centers in Austin Texas:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® has been helping people living in the Austin, Texas area with their alcohol or drug problems for over 37 years and we continue to help people who are looking for addiction treatment options at our drug treatment centers.

If you or a family member has been searching for drug treatment centers in Austin, Texas and you have not quite found the treatment you are seeking in the local Austin area then take a look at all the addiction treatment options that Summer Sky offers for drug treatment services.

People choose our Texas Drug Rehabs because of the wide variety of treatment programs and different modalities of care offered at Summer Sky Treatment Center® and it also helps that we are an in-network addiction treatment center that accepts most major health insurance plans.

In addition to being a preferred provider for most health insurance plans, we also provide monthly private-pay treatment specials that are among the most affordable prices in the State of Texas. We know in today’s world that people are looking to save money on anything they possibly can, especially when it comes to the cost of drug rehab programs.

Drug Treatment Centers & Medical Detoxification Programs:

People who suffer from substance use disorders often need medical detoxification services to help them become addiction-free from addictive substances. When looking for a drug treatment center it’s important to find a treatment program that can provide onsite medical detoxification.

Detoxification is necessary to help an individual deal with acute withdrawal symptoms that emerge once a person begins to reduce their usage of addictive substances, or they stop using an addictive drug. It is suggested that an individual never attempt to detoxify their body without the assistance of a medical detoxification program.

Drug Treatment Centers Inpatient Programs:

The inpatient treatment program is important for people with more intense substance use disorder problems and is helpful for people who need extra time to stabilize their addiction to substances. Drug Treatment Centers with this level of care provide 24-hour monitoring of the signs and symptoms of the addiction withdrawal process along with any other medical interventions.

Drug Treatment Centers Residential Programs:

Residential Treatment Programs provide overnight observation as the individual lives in the treatment center while they are provided daily care for their substance use disorders. The rehabilitation of a substance use disorder is the main focus of this phase of treatment. Some of the types of drug rehabilitation programs are listed below:

Drug Rehabilitation Programs

30-Day Addiction Rehabilitation Programs:

Typically, a 30-day treatment program will involve helping a person to resolve the immediate acute physical symptoms of a substance use disorder and then help an individual to prepare to deal with the first round of post-acute withdrawal symptoms that surface after the acute abstinence syndrome has been stabilized.

The attention of the treatment will turn toward learning about the causes and conditions that contribute to keeping an individual locked in their addiction. A person must understand how their addiction has impacted them physically, psychologically, and behaviorally so that they can utilize recovery skills to address these problems that are identified during treatment.

People will require different therapy techniques to solve different problems during treatment and Summer Sky provides a wide variety of treatment techniques, therapy as well as holistic healthcare when appropriate to help the individual make the needed changes in their life.

60-Day Addiction Rehabilitation Programs:

The 60-day addiction rehabilitation program was born out of the abundance of the need to provide more care for people who have more advanced or complex substance use disorders. Originally the 60-day treatment program was for more severe addictions.

People that deal with other medical conditions along with their substance use disorders were primarily using this type of treatment program. However, recently more people are electing to utilize our 60-day treatment program because they want to make sure they have dealt with all addiction-related problems before they are discharged.

More people are recognizing that while 30-days treatment programs are great programs some people need more time to learn how to utilize recovery skills before they discharge from treatment. The fact is more can be accomplished in 60 days of treatment and more people are discovering this reality.

If you are someone with multiple addictions, medical conditions, or psychiatric disorders along with a substance use disorder, then seriously consider utilizing the 60-day rehab program. Men and women with a history of relapse also choose 60-day treatment programs to help with relapse issues.

90-Day Addiction Rehabilitation Programs:

The 90-day addiction rehabilitation program is Summer Sky’s “Gold Standard Addiction Treatment Program” it is an innovative treatment program that leaves no stones unturned, allowing an individual time to heal the physical, psychological, and social aspects of their lives.

Our newest scientific research is showing evidence that addiction to alcohol or drugs is a chronic brain disease and by allowing yourself to enter a 90-day treatment program you’re giving your brain and neurological system the time to heal properly from the damage created by the substance use disorder.

The psychological parts of the brain need healing as well and since addiction has the potential for recurrence and recovery it makes sense that time is dedicated to learning how to prevent a relapse from re-occurring. When you’re in the 90-day treatment program you will learn the skills necessary to see the relapse process developing and then activate tools to prevent the relapse.

Relapse Prevention Programs for Men & Women with a History of Relapse:

Some people have been through multiple treatment experiences, but what they are missing is the relapse prevention part of the treatment and recovery. In some cases, they went to treatment, but barely had time to even look at or learn the skills while in treatment to prevent a relapse.

The Summer Sky Chronic Relapse Prevention Track™ is available to people with a history of relapse or for people that need a more focused educational experience on the relapse process and how to identify that the relapse process has started so that they can utilize tools to stop the relapse process.

Medical Detoxification & Stabilization Programs (10-days or Less of Detox):

This medical detox & stabilization last approximately 10 days and is primarily involved in the management of the withdrawal process associated with any addiction. It is offered as a stand-alone program or as part of our 30, 60, or 90-day drug rehabs.

The detox & stabilization program is a 24-hour a-day service that is provided 7 days a week. It is staffed by nurses, counselors, medical doctors, and medical professionals as well as 24-hour recovery advocates who are supportive of the medical detoxification program.

Did you know you can use FMLA to attend treatment?

Most people are not aware that they can use the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to protect their employees when they need to take time off to enter a drug rehabilitation center. You can contact your human resource department for the forms. If you need guidance you can talk with our admissions specialist when you call in to schedule your treatment. We have extensive experience working with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and thousands of employers from Austin, Texas, and across the state in general. The allotted time for addiction is normally 12 weeks off for a medical leave of absence.

Drug Treatment Center and Medical Detox Special Rates:

If you’re looking for some great ways to save on the cost of drug treatment, then we can help you accomplish this goal by offering you some great promotional offers to cut the cost of treatment services. We have been helping people by offering monthly Texas Drug Rehabs at more affordable prices for select drug treatment programs. Below are some of the links to these offers and you are always welcome to call our admissions department to discuss addiction treatment options. Let’s all help make a difference and help detox Austin, Texas one individual at a time.

Drug Treatment Centers & 30-Day Treatment Programs in Austin, Texas:

For the last 37 years, Summer Sky Treatment Center® has been one of the best drug treatment centers that people living in Austin, Georgetown, and Round Rock, Texas turn to when they want to get clean and sober, or they have a family member needing addiction treatment.

People travel to our Texas Drug Rehabs to experience, an unmatched drug treatment center that is one of the best drug rehabs in Texas. Our drug treatment centers are known for providing sound evidence-based addiction treatment services that are results driven.

We are dealing with a life-threatening illness called addiction and this chronic brain disorder is unforgiving in how it robs the peace and joy away from people that develop an addiction to alcohol or drugs. We are on a mission to provide detox to every individual in Texas that wants to recover from their addiction.

Our 30-day treatment programs are popular for people living in the Austin, Texas area as it provides a quick treatment experience for people looking for fast and quick solutions to make the acute withdrawal symptoms of their addiction subside, so the individual can focus on treatment and recovery.

For immediate assistance or to learn more about our treatment programs, you can contact our admissions department regarding any of our Texas Drug Rehabs 24 hours a day 7 days a week at our confidential hotline 1-888-857-8857.   

Addiction Treatment & Recovery Texas Drug Rehabs Special Rates

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