Drug Treatment Centers in Alabama

There are many people that get help from drug rehab centers in Alabama, and we know that it can be a difficult decision trying to find the right rehab for you. At Summer Sky, our goal is to help you recover with dignity and gain the life skills that help you cope with emotions, prevent relapse, and enjoy the little moments of each day. Not all drug treatment centers are going to be the same.

Summer Sky is approved for drug treatment by the Joint Commission and proud to have earned the highest level of certification. We keep our rates low and affordable because we want you to be able to focus on recovery, and not worry about finances. We accept all major insurance for drug treatment, and our admissions specialists can answer any questions you have about our programs.

What to Expect from the Best Drug Treatment Centers in Alabama

At the top drug treatment centers in Alabama, you can expect to find a caring staff that pays attention to the minor and major details. We are selective when it comes to our staff because we want to ensure you get professionals and highly trained people to support and help you during this time.

You can also expect 30 day drug treatment centers in Alabama to have activities that improve social skills, surround you with beautiful landscapes, and give you every opportunity to enjoy sobriety. While 30 days will be ideal for some patients, Summer Sky also has 90 day treatment centers in Alabama for those that require a longer recovery time. We listen to the needs of our patients and take into account their level of addiction and health when recommending the treatment that is best for them.

Why the Success Rate Is Higher for People That Go to Top-Rated Facilities

Top drug treatment centers in Alabama see a higher success rate because each patient is going to be treated as an individual. We focus on the whole person from the mind, body, and soul, so you get a complete recovery. We don’t gloss over the underlying issues of addiction. Contact us to learn more about what you can expect from Summer Sky.