Drug Rehab Programs

Drug Rehab Programs:

Throughout the State of Texas people are dealing with substance use disorders and people need help for a variety of addiction-related disorders. Summer Sky Treatment Center® located 60 miles southwest of Fort Worth, Texas in a little rural community named Stephenville, Texas is providing Texas Drug Rehabs that are helping to restore people’s health from addiction to recovery daily throughout the year.

Drug Rehab Medical Detox Programs:

Some of the best drug rehab programs in Texas offer medical detox & stabilization programs to people living in all major metropolitan cities in Texas. One thing that separates Summer Sky Treatment Center® is the fact that we started the 10-day medical detox program & stabilization program in Texas.

We discovered that most people who entered detoxification and then were discharged from a drug rehab medical detox program quickly returned to alcohol or drugs. When analyzing the reasons for people returning to drugs and alcohol after detox it was discovered that people are not truly detoxified in 3 to 5 days much less stabilized enough to participate in other forms of substance use disorder treatment.

Addiction Treatment Options™:

When you choose addiction treatment with Summer Sky Treatment Center® you or your loved one is provided with various addiction treatment option™ we offer some of the most advanced forms of substance use disorder treatment programs at our drug rehab programs.  If you’re looking for solutions, then try our recovery-centered drug rehab programs. We believe in providing addiction options.

Addiction Treatment Options & Texas Drug Rehabs:

Medical Detox Programs Medical Detox & Stabilization 30-Day Rehab Programs
60-Day Rehab Programs   90-Day Rehab Programs Chronic Relapse Prevention
Inpatient Drug Rehabs Residential Treatment Programs Intensive Outpatient Treatment


What is drug addiction:

Most people are not aware that addiction is a complex chronic medical condition. It is distinguished by intense urges and desire to seek the drug out to ingest into the body. The individual often reports uncontrollable alcohol or drug cravings with an obsessive and compulsive desire to acquire the addictive substance despite experiencing negative consequences.

Most Common Addictive Drugs Requiring a Drug Rehab Program:

Alcohol Heroin Methamphetamines
Cocaine Fentanyl Benzodiazepines (Xanax®)
Opioids Barbiturates Amphetamines
PCP Codeine Morphine
Hydrocodone Methadone Oxycodone
Diazepam Inhalants MMDA OR MDA
Kratom K2 Synthetic Drugs  


Prescription Drug Rehab Programs:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® has a long history of treating people with prescription drug problems. Prescription drug addictions are unique in the fact that over 65% of the people who become addicted to prescription drugs were originally prescribed the medications for other medical conditions and at a later date become addicted to the substance.

Many prescription drugs that are narcotic drugs are designed to treat acute pain or long-term pain, but at some point, in the individual’s use of the substance, the drug use turns into a dependency upon the addictive substance. Once the dependency is created the individual continues using until an addiction is developed.

People that develop a dependency on prescription drugs can utilize medical detox & stabilization program and then transfer to one of our residential treatment programs to learn more about their addiction and how to recover from prescription drugs.

Drug Rehab Programs Help Psychological Problems:

When people think of an addiction they typically think about the physical dependency or withdrawal symptoms that emerge once an individual attempts to stop using an addictive substance. However, the main focus of drug rehab services involves helping people with psychological problems.

Drug rehab programs help stop the obsession of the mind that creates the intense desire to want to keep using alcohol or drugs. This obsession is a part of the addiction, and even after physical detoxification is complete the individual will then have to turn their attention to treating the mind.

There are psychological defense mechanisms that contribute to keeping an individual locked into their addiction to alcohol or drugs. The drug rehab program will teach you skills to deal with psychological defense mechanisms like denial, rationalization, minimizing, and many other unproductive thought processes that emerge once a person stops using an addictive substance.

Drug Rehabs Help Heal Relationships:

When an addiction develops people with addictions will notice that their relationships begin to suffer as a result of the preoccupation with alcohol or drugs. It is a part of the negative aspect of all addictions as the people close to the individual with the addiction may begin to suffer during the addiction as it progresses. The social interactions between the people closest to the person who has an addiction are often more stressed than usual as the addiction progresses.

The people closest to you will notice changes in your behavior such as avoidance, isolation, agitation, and mood changes, and become concerned with your changes and may even ask you to stop using addictive substances or request you seek help for the addiction. The quickest way to repair the damage created to your relationships is to enter a drug rehab program. The rehab can direct you on how to work on solutions to repair relationships while you’re in treatment.

Learn Skills in Drug Rehabs to Develop New Positive Friendships:

Will you have to discard old friendships and create new relationships? In some cases, the answer may be yes, but it all depends on the type of relationship you have with your friends. If an individual does not support you, you are getting help then they’re not being much of a friend to your situation. In treatment, you can examine your overall relationships and make changes as needed.

We can show you how to enhance relationships, end unhealthy relationships, assess your motivation to keep certain relationships, and plan for creating new sober and clean relationships moving forward if this is something you struggle with or need assistance with during treatment.

Residential Treatment Programs:

People utilize residential treatment programs to help remove themselves from the daily temptations to return to alcohol or drugs and the treatment offered in a residential treatment program helps help the individual change from an addictive way of thinking to recovery-centered thinking.

It is necessary that an individual learns why they do what they do and then learn effective strategies on how to not return to their addiction, and residential treatment programs can make this possible. It is helpful to have medical and psychological help in dealing with your problems. There is a solution for people with addictions and the process begins when you reach out for help with your problems.

The good news is that there is a way out of your addiction to alcohol or drugs and entering a residential treatment program is a part of taking responsibility for your addiction and then demonstrating action that will result in you healing from your addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Medical Detox & Stabilization Programs:

Many people with addictions will need the assistance of medical detox programs to help them transition from the addiction to complete abstinence from alcohol or drugs. If you are thinking about entering treatment, then consider Summer Sky Treatment Center as one of your addiction treatment options, because we have an onsite medical detox & stabilization program along with 30-day rehabs, 60-day rehabs, and 90-day rehabs located all at our main addiction treatment campus.

Do You Need Immediate Help with Medical Detox or a Drug Rehab Program?

Summer Sky Treatment Center® is conveniently located close to the Fort Worth-Dallas region of the State of Texas. All roads lead to Summer Sky as we are centrally located in Texas. You can arrange an admission or call and discuss our Texas Drug Rehabs by calling 1-888-857-8857.

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