Drug Rehab in Wyoming

If you or someone you love is ready to get free from addiction it may be time to consider looking into drug rehabs in Wyoming. Summer Sky is a top rated rehab facility that has over 30 years of providing treatment to those with drug or alcohol addictions. Our experienced team of professionals has helped thousands of patients overcome addiction, and they can help you too!

Summer Sky Is an Excellent Option for Drug Rehab

Summer Sky is Joint Commission Approved for Drug Treatment, which is the highest level of certification a rehab facility can receive, making them an excellent choice. Our quality treatment program seeks to meet all the needs of our patient, physical, spiritual, and psychological. We are a privately owned and operated facility that creates a family-like environment to offer support and guidance while walking through the recovery process. When you choosing Summer Sky, you know you are getting the absolute best in care and treatment to help you get free from addictions.

The Benefits of Summer Sky

Summer Sky treatment program specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual that walks through the door. We are not a one size fits all kind of treatment program. Our team seeks to meet each person right where they are at to provide the best chance at recovery. Summer Sky has both 30-day and 90-day treatment options depending on what works best for each patient. Not only do we work to provide unique and individualized treatment, but our process is state of the art. Our gyms are top notch with personal trainers to help you channel your emotions and get healthy while therapy sessions are available to process the recovery journey with others who understand. Summer Sky even offers pet therapy to enhance the treatment experience. These excellent benefits are the reason why Summer Sky is one of the best Wyoming Drug Rehabs in the area.

An Affordable Treatment Option

Drug rehabs are thought to be expensive treatment options that aren’t available for everyone. However, Summer Sky has some of the lowest treatment rates available. Additionally, they accept all major insurances to help cut the expenses of rehab treatment. Our goal is to provide affordable treatment for everyone so they can receive the help they need to overcome addiction. For more information about addiction treatment at Summer Sky, contact us today.