Drug Rehab in Washington

Summer Sky drug rehab is a program that strives to pride the best inpatient programs possible. Whether you are seeking a 30-day treatment program or a 90-day treatment program, Summer Sky has a reputation for providing the highest quality of treatment in any and all treatment programs. When you are ready to commit to living a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle, Summer Sky is a drug rehab in Washington you can confidently turn to for help.

A Safe Haven for Treatment

Making the choice to get drug rehab treatment can initially feel like an overwhelming decision. Summer Sky works to create a family oriented, comfortable environment that will make you feel safe and well taken care of. Our expert staff is there to walk you through each and every step of the way, as many of them have watched a loved one receive treatment or themselves undergone addiction treatment. Additionally, Summer Sky is a neutral place that removes the temptation of drugs and alcohol while you learn the coping techniques to stay sober and avoid old habits.

A Top Choice Among Drug Rehabs in Washington

When considering drug rehabs in Washington, it is important to consider training and certification. Summer Sky’s team of staff strives for excellence. In fact, their facility has been Joint Commission Approved for Drug Treatment, which is the highest certification a drug rehab can receive. We are a top-rated rehab facility with the training and certifications to help you break free from addiction. For peace of mind for both you and your family, trust that Summer Sky is a Rehab facility committed to giving you the best possible treatment and supporting you throughout your stay so that you can successfully live a sober lifestyle.

An Affordable Rehab in Washington

If you are concerned that the cost of drug rehabs is too much of a financial burden for your family, know that there is hope with Summer Sky. Our drug rehab program works with all major insurance plans and even offers the lowest treatment rates in Washington. We want treatment to be an option for everyone and will work with you and your family to make rehab possible. To begin the recovery process for a reputable, affordable drug rehab program at Summer Sky, call today for more information.