Drug Rehab in Vermont

Countless individuals that have experienced drug rehab programs at Summer Sky have gone on to lead
sober and fulfilling lives. You could be next. We take your sobriety seriously and strive to provide high-quality 30-day and 90-day inpatient programs. You will receive the highest standard in care at
affordable rates for all. We feel everyone deserves the chance to overcome addiction. For this reason,
Summer Sky offers some of the lowest treatment rates among Vermont drug rehabs. We also work with
most major insurances to ensure drug rehab is financially affordable for families. If you recognize that
you are no longer in control, but your addiction has taken control of you, seek the care you need at
Summer Sky, a top-rated rehab in Vermont.

Support Systems During a Difficult Process

Not only can cost keep people from receiving help for substance abuse, but fear of the unknown can
also be a deterrent. At Summer Sky, we create a family-like environment surrounded by staff and
patients who surround you to support you during a difficult and anxiety-filled time. Counselors are also
available for one on one sessions to offer guidance and give you tools to help you live a sober lifestyle, even after leaving drug rehab. You know you can depend on the support from our team of highly
qualified professionals because most of them themselves have been through the addiction process
either for them or for someone close to them. Know you are never alone in this journey at Summer Sky.

Innovative Programs

Summer Sky rehab programs are a combination of traditional treatment methods and new, innovative
methods that are uniquely designed to meet your specific needs. We know that no two paths to
addiction are alike. For this reason, our programs aren’t designed as a “one size fits all” approach to
drug treatment. Instead, we find what works for you. Counseling sessions and group therapy are age-
old approaches that equip you to deal with addiction outside of drug rehabs in Vermont. New therapies
such as yoga, pet therapy, equine therapy, or art therapy give you an emotional outlet to process
everything that you are experiencing. Your sobriety is our number one priority, which is why our
programs are tailored to you.

If you are looking for a quality program that is affordable and proven to work, then you can’t go wrong
with Summer Sky drug rehab.