Drug Rehab in North Dakota

Summer Sky is one of the top-rated drug rehabs that stands apart from other drug rehabs in North
Dakota. They are Joint Commission Approved for drug treatment and offer exceptional rehab programs
and high-quality care. At Summer Sky, we don’t want anything to stand in your way. That is why we
strive to make treatment affordable for all by offering some of the lowest treatment rates around. Most
major insurances are also accepted to lower patient cost responsibility. Thousands of men and women
have found freedom from addiction at Summer Sky, and you can too.

A Fresh Start

Everybody deserves a fresh start at some point in their life. This rings especially true for those who
struggle with addiction. Sometimes, after trying to kick an addiction habit themselves or go through an
outpatient program, people find themselves wondering why they aren’t successful and wishing they
could just begin again. At Summer Sky drug rehab, we can help you achieve a fresh, new start.
Surrounded by supportive staff and professionals at Summer Sky, you are sure to experience healing so
you can focus on your recovery and beginning anew.

Around the Clock Care and Support

30-day or 90-day drug rehabs in North Dakota are designed to offer you additional guidance and support
that you don’t always have access to in outpatient programs. You are given around the clock care and
support whenever you need it. A neutral environment, outside of temptations at home, can give you a
safe place to avoid triggers and practice the skills and tools you are learning to start new and healthier
habits. Summer Sky is a rehab facility that prides itself on providing a family-like environment where
you can feel part of a caring community and gain confidence in yourself throughout the recovery
process. Experience success and freedom from addiction through Summer Sky’s supportive and
encouraging drug rehab programs.

About Drug Rehabs in North Dakota

For many, the idea of an inpatient drug rehab facility does not sound appealing. But it is one of the most
effective methods for overcoming substance abuse. A structured environment ensures patients stick to
the rehab program. Intensive therapy helps patients identify problem areas and seek tools to maintain
sobriety long term. Patients will have access to support, counseling, or medical treatment as needed.
This level of treatment at North Dakota drug rehabs means patients are more likely to experience
success and less likely to fail in their attempt to overcome drug addiction. Over time, patients work
towards becoming more self-reliant to prevent relapse after rehab. At Summer Sky, we believe in you.
Take the first step towards living a sober lifestyle and contact Summer Sky.