Drug Rehab in New Mexico

Going to a drug rehab is a decision that many people make because it is a solution to the problem of addiction. The success rate is higher when enlisting the help of professionals and we understand that each person that walks through our doors has their own unique experience. At Summer Sky, we have designed our rehab to be a comfortable environment that you can fully recover in. We have a range of programs for to choose from that are for the entire family as well as the individual. See for yourself why we achieve the highest level of certification for our drug rehabs in New Mexico, and what makes use stand out from the rest.

We Don’t Rush the Process

At Summer Sky, we don’t rush the process of recovery because we know the process is designed to change your lifestyle, and that isn’t easy – but it is possible. And living a sober life is going to be the worth going through a rehab program. We provide 30-day and 90-day treatments as well as outpatient programs. Our skilled staff teaches patients that are recovering the best techniques to prevent relapse. It takes time, and we are prepared to give you as much as you need.

We Understand the Mental and Physical Aspects of Addiction Recovery

We have an in-depth understanding of the different mental and physical issues that recovery can cause, and our drug rehabs have programs designed to help. Our staff listens to how you are feeling, and we work to provide treatments that are a positive solution and guide you forward.

We Are Here for You When You Need Us

Our New Mexico drug rehabs have some of the lowest rates, and we welcome you to reach out if you have a question about insurance. We accept all major insurances and make the process of checking in with us easy. Our primary goal as a top-rated facility is to get you or the person you love the care and treatment they deserve when overcoming addiction and living a sober life. You can reach out today by calling or filling out the contact form online, and we will answer any questions you have.