Drug Rehab in Nebraska

A rehab experience can be a very scary experience for first-time patients and also for those who have relapsed. At Summer Sky drug rehab, we recognize this. That is why we have created a welcoming, family-oriented environment to make you feel comfortable in the midst of a difficult time. Excellent programs combined with welcoming staff members make Summer Sky one of the top-rated rehab facilities in the nation. In fact, our team of professionals is highly equipped to help guide you throughout the entire recovery process. Most of them have themselves experienced the recovery process, whether it was helping a family member overcome addiction or getting free from substance abuse themselves. When you choose Summer Sky, you can trust that you are in expert care.

Innovative Treatment Approaches

Nebraska drug rehabs sometimes choose a “one size fits all” approach to treatment programs, but not Summer Sky. We know that each individual who comes through the door has a different story to tell. That is why we tailor our programs specifically to each and every patient. Our 30-day and 90-day program options offer a variety of cutting-edge, innovative treatment options combined with traditional treatments for a great chance of successfully maintaining your sobriety. Physical needs are addressed through medical detox programs, nutritional and exercise plans, as well as personal trainers to assist in helping you become a healthier you. We also seek to treat the emotional side of addiction through group therapy, pet therapy, and even equine therapy. Summer Sky stands out among drug rehabs in Nebraska as a reputable Rehab that will help you achieve your sobriety goals.

An Affordable Treatment Program

If cost has kept you from entering into a drug rehab program, then don’t let that be a factor any longer. Summer Sky offers affordable rates. Surprisingly, they are some of the lowest rates in the area. They also accept all major insurance plans to help lower rehab costs. You can be confident that when you choose Summer Sky, you are getting exceptional treatment at an affordable price.

A Program with a Reputation for Success

It is no light decision when choosing a rehab facility that can help you obtain and maintain your sobriety. Summer Sky has a reputation for providing the best quality of care. They have even received one of the highest certifications available to drug rehabs, Joint Commission Approved for Drug Treatment. Begin your journey to recovery at a drug rehab that has proved its success time and time again over its 30 years of helping others overcome drug addiction. Contact Summer Sky to find out more information today.