Drug Rehab in Mississippi

Going to drug rehab is not an easy decision, but it is the right one. When you suffer from substance abuse, it can take away time from your family, work, and impact your moral compass. While this may seem like something that you can never recover from, with the help of the addiction recovery professionals, you can learn how to cope with every day stresses and lead a sober and healing life.

The best drug rehabs in Mississippi put the patients first, and Summer Sky is no exception. We are a top rated facility and the hold the highest level of certification. Being Joint Commission Approved for Drug Treatment is an achievement that we’re proud of. Our experienced staff continues to hold ourselves to standards beyond other facilities to ensure you get the treatment and care that gets you back on the path to sobriety.

Helping Patients with All Levels of Addiction

Recovery Is Closer Than You Think

While it may feel like a complete recovery is not an option, know that when you visit Mississippi drug rehabs, you are closer to achieving your goals than you realize. Countless people have come to Summer Sky seeking help for addiction and have had a successful recovery. We give you the coping techniques and support that is necessary to prevent relapse and to discover that living in sobriety is fulfilling.

Teaching the Skills Necessary for Success

Drug Rehabs Can Truly Make a Difference

Some people don’t want to sign up for rehab because they don’t think that it works. While the individual does play a role in their own recovery, the success rate is much higher when you have all of the recovery tools and professionals by your side. Summer Sky accepts all major insurances and we keep our rates at some of the lowest to ensure that everyone that needs help from addiction, gets it.

Teaching the Skills Necessary for Success

Get in Touch with a Recovery Specialist Today

Whether you want to speak with a recovery admissions specialist about an intense outpatient program or you are more interested in an inpatient treatment that lasts three months, we will listen to your goals for recovery and help you begin. We offer patients a safe atmosphere that is comfortable and supportive, so you recover with integrity and return to your everyday life with coping mechanisms that keep you sober and happy.