Drug Rehab in Louisiana

When you or someone you care about struggles with drug addiction, it’s a very difficult time. It seeps its way into every part of your life and affects everything from your job to your relationships with family and friends. Know that this is not a hopeless situation, but you can’t fight it alone. It’s time to get professional help to ensure you stay motivated and have the best odds for success. At Summer Sky, we are equipped to help you start a new sober and healthy life.

Why We’re a Top Choice for Recovery

When you are focusing on recovery, you don’t need to worry about debt. At Summer Sky, a top-rated Louisiana drug rehab, we accept all major health insurance and welcome you to reach out to find out if we accept what you carry. We are one of the most affordable drug rehab centers in the area, so you can concentrate on what really matters which is getting well so you can enjoy your life again.

We have several different programs to suit your needs. No matter what type of drug rehab in Louisiana you need, we want to give you the tools to succeed and not relapse. Summer Sky offers inpatient care as well as residential services, and even hospitalization. We specialize a plan to fit your needs and your addiction and prepare you with skills for life after rehab to help you stay on track.

Our staff is top notch and we take pride in them. We strive to create a family like atmosphere and our trained professionals care about our patients and their unique situations. At Summer Sky, we work around the clock to make sure you or your loved one is getting the care needed. With medical doctors on staff, we take our patient’s stay and recovery very seriously.

Why You Should Reach Out Now

If you or somebody in your life is in the need of rehab, it’s time to get professional help. Now is the time to get your life back on track, learn sober life skills, and to regain trust in yourself and with your friends
and family. It’s time to reclaim your one precious life and we can help. Find out today how you can start the journey to recovery. Start your brand new sober life by reaching out today.