Drug Rehab in Indiana

If you strive to live a clean and sober life, know that you are not alone, nor do you need to go through this time by yourself. Summer Sky is a rehab that goes beyond the standards to ensure your comfort and confidence throughout your stay. Our Indiana drug rehabs are approved for drug treatment by the Joint Commission which is the highest level of certification. Our staff already holds themselves to the top standards because we respect our patients and want you to have all the resources for a successful recovery.

What Makes a Rehab Right for You?

When choosing a drug rehab, you’ll want to look at the clinical care as well as the therapeutic activities that are offered. Also, pay attention to the environment to ensure it is tranquil and comfortable. While some people may only pay attention to the price and treatments, the ambiance is going make a difference in how you feel throughout the recovery.

What Is to Be Expected When You Take That First Step?

When you are admitted to drug rehabs in Indiana, you’ll begin by safely detoxing from the substances that are being abused. If you have a dual diagnosis, we’ll find a detox solution that is comfortable and effective for you. Next, you’ll begin taking part in therapeutic activities like pet therapy, family programs, and exercising activities. Throughout the stages, you’ll develop skills that help you in social situation and enable you to cope in a healthy manner.

What Happens When the Treatment Is Complete?

Once the treatment is completed at the drug rehab, you can continue to come back to learn more about relapse prevention and to take participate in therapies that keep you on the right track.

Why Is Summer Sky a Top Pick for Drug Rehabs?

Summer Sky is a number one choice because we are a top-rated facility. We put the patient’s needs first and listen to your goals for sobriety. We take extra care to ensure that all details are taken care of from having a large staff to ensure one on one help to have a doctor oversee the detoxification program. Contact us to learn more.