Drug Rehab in Idaho

When you are in need of a drug rehab program that can help you recover from addiction to go on to lead a sober and fulfilling life, inquire about drug rehab programs at Summer Sky. We take pride in our inpatient programs that have successfully helped thousands overcome addiction. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and put your sobriety first and foremost. For this reason, Summer Sky stands out above all other Idaho drug rehabs.

A Safe, Family-Oriented Atmosphere

The temptation to relapse increases significantly if drugs and alcohol are constantly present around you. At Summer Sky 30-day inpatient treatments or 90-day inpatient treatments, you are on safe, neutral ground without the constant temptation to use so that you can develop the skills and tools to eventually withstand the constant pressure outside of drug rehab. Furthermore, we strive to create a family-like environment of support systems that you can depend on to guide you throughout the entire recovery process. A safe and welcoming space creates a comfortable feel that aids in your recovery process.

Our Therapeutic Activities

A variety of therapeutic options are available to meet the individual needs of each patient who comes through the doors. First and foremost, you are guaranteed amazing clinical care from experts who are highly trained. Because taking care of your body is of utmost importance, we teach healthy eating and exercise habits. Our gym is top of the line and personal trainers are available to assist with exercise workouts. Our Olympic-sized swimming pool is heated for use all year long. Furthermore, we have a ropes course on-site to enjoy the great outdoors and take a break from the pressures of city living. Unique therapy treatments such as equine therapy or pet therapy help cope with the emotional stress of recovery. Each treatment program is specifically tailored to meet your individual needs so that you can experience success in your sobriety.

A Confident Choice

When you choose Summer Sky as your first choice among drug rehabs, you can be confident in your choice. Summer Sky is a Top Rated Rehab Facility that boasts of being Joint Commission Approved for Drug Treatment. This highest level of certification will put your mind at ease that you have chosen a highly qualified Idaho drug rehab. Not only is the facility top-notch, it is also affordable, offering some of the lowest treatment rates nationwide. They also accept all major insurances. Be confident in your choice of a drug rehab that has is not only affordable but has high standards for treatment to help you achieve your goal of sobriety.