Drug Rehab in Colorado

If there ever comes a time in your life that you or a loved one needs to go to a drug rehab, Summer Sky is one of the first calls that you should make. Our rehab facility is top-rated, and we have earned accreditations from the Joint Commission due to our diligence and high standards. The patient always comes first at our drug rehabs in Colorado, and our facility is inviting and designed with a healing ambiance, so you feel comfortable here. We want you to be focused and confident in the recovery process, and we help throughout the process with everything from exceptional therapies and programs to promoting good health.

Your Health and Integrity Are Important

When the body goes through addiction, it can adversely impact your health and moral compass, and we work to help you regain control of these. Our drug rehabs aren’t there to rush you in and out of the process, so room can be made for the next person. Our treatments allow you to take the time that you need, so you can heal all of the way physical and mentally. While some people may do exceptionally well with the 30-day inpatient treatment at our Colorado drug rehabs, others may need to enroll in the 90-day program to reach their goals.

You Have a Range of Treatments to Consider

At Summer Sky, you have a range of innovative treatments that are customized to your specific needs. Because no two people are going to be alike in their addiction, their current health, and other factors that make a difference in the length of time it takes to mend from the substance abuse, we want to make sure there is a treatment for everyone.

While many patients begin with the detoxification program in Colorado, we can assist as early as helping plan the intervention. Once the detox is complete, we’ll help stabilize the patient and then introduce treatments like pet therapy, equine therapy, adult and family programs, and much more. We will teach the skills that aid to repair the body and show you how freeing it is to live a soberly.

Simply contact Summer Sky to get more information from our drug addiction professionals!