Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Drug and Alcohol Rehab:

Do you need a drug and alcohol rehab? If you are struggling with the negative results of using drugs or alcohol, then we suggest that you consider going to treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab. Rehabs can be a great solution to helping you become free from drugs or alcohol. Thousands of people ask for help for alcohol or drug problems daily. Don’t let alcohol or drugs continue to dictate how you live your life. There is help available for anyone battling substance use issues. One of the easiest solutions is attending a drug or alcohol rehab. Rehabs help those struggling with addictions to find a proven solution to their substance use problems.

There are many different types of alcohol and drug rehabs throughout the United States. Some of the best drug and alcohol rehabs are in Texas. One amazing drug and alcohol rehab is a drug rehab facility named Summer Sky Treatment Center. Summer Sky has been offering drug and alcohol treatment for over 33-years and has helped over 20,000 people find personal recovery through their addiction treatment services.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Solutions:

If you are one of the millions of Americans that suffer from a substance use disorder, then deciding to attend an inpatient drug rehab can change your life. A drug and alcohol rehab can help you become clean or sober from addictive chemicals and give you back the life you deserve. Rehabs are designed to offer a proven solution. When you are dealing with addiction, it’s hard to find understanding people that know what you are experiencing. However, the staff at an alcohol and drug rehab understands what it’s like to deal with an addiction. More importantly, a rehab program offers solutions that can help you become sober. So, don’t hesitate to call an alcohol or drug rehab and ask for help. Summer Sky Treatment Center offers a solution to addictions. You can contact us at 1-888-857-8857, and our admission specialist will gladly help you learn about our treatment services.

Our Rehab Programs:

The Summer Sky Treatment Center has a long history of helping men and women become successful in personal recovery. Our Rehab programs are on the front-line of making a difference in the lives of people who need help with alcohol and drug problems. Summer Sky is a nationally recognized alcohol and drug treatment facility. While we serve people all across the great State of Texas. We also serve people from all over the United States. Thousands of people are utilizing our alcohol and drug rehabs on a yearly basis.

We have noticed in Texas that people in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Abilene, Waco and Houston, Texas are all choosing to come to our drug rehab facilities, which makes perfect sense knowing that in Texas there is a nationally recognized treatment center in their State. We are honored to be among the leading alcohol and drug treatment centers in Texas and across the United States.

Summer Sky Rehab Programs:

Summer Sky Treatment Center offers many drug and alcohol rehab services. We provide all substance use disorder levels of care at our drug and alcohol rehabs. Our main 54-Bed alcohol and drug rehab are located deep in the Heart of Texas in a small rural community called Stephenville, Texas. The town of Stephenville, Texas is known as The City of Champions, and we believe our alcohol and drug rehab reflects this champion attitude. Our treatment staff is amazing at helping men and women become free from alcohol and drugs. For those living in Dallas, Texas we have our Dallas Intensive Outpatient Treatment Center that is helpful to those living in the Dallas/Fort Worth surrounding area.

Summer Sky Rehab Program and Services:

Full-Service Drug and Alcohol Rehab:

Summer Sky is a full-service drug and alcohol rehab with many more therapies and services available that are not listed. Some services during your treatment will be made available at off-campus locations.

An example is our zip line, and R.O.P.E.S Challenge Course are located at a confidential and secluded location away from the public. This course is one of the largest R.O.P.E.S Challenge Courses in Texas. Those that qualify to visit other services are transported to these off-site locations by our staff for all off-site therapeutic services. These off-campus services are all optional rehab services.

Since we focus on individualizing a person’s treatment experience, thousands of techniques and therapies are available during your rehab experience.

Drug Rehab in Texas:

Summer Sky is a drug rehab with two locations in Texas. We have successfully been treating individuals that have a substance use disorder since 1985. For over 33-years individuals and families have been utilizing treatment services in our Texas-based alcohol and drug treatment centers. We want to help you get free from alcohol and drugs.

Summer Sky Rehab Mission:

To Lead, substance uses disordered individuals into a life of quality sobriety through effective, compassionate and comprehensive treatment services. Our Texas-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers help create an opportunity for men and women to receive alcohol and drug treatment and introduce you to a life of recovery. Texas has over 28-million people in the State. We want to continue to help those with substance use disorders find and enjoy a life without the use of mood- or mind-altering addictive substances. If you or a loved one have an alcohol or drug problem, then call our alcohol or drug rehabs at 1-888-857-8857. Our admissions team is standing by 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about treatment.

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