Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug Addiction Treatment:

When it comes to needed drug addiction treatment there is a facility that offers some of the best drug rehabs in the State of Texas. Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers some of the best medical detox programs and Texas Drug Rehabs for people with substance use disorders.

Our Top Texas Medical Detox Programs and drug addiction treatment programs are nationally recognized and one of the premier drug addiction treatment centers located in the State of Texas. If you have a problem with alcohol, prescription drugs, or any other addictive substance we call to help you.

People enter drug addiction treatment programs daily and they do this to stop the progression of their addiction from spiraling further out of control. Drug addiction treatment is the single most effective way to put a stop to the progressive nature of an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Types of Drug Addiction Treatment Programs:

With a wide range of drug rehabs and addiction treatment programs in Texas and throughout the United States, some people may be left wondering which type of drug addiction treatment program should I choose to get help for their addiction to substances. It makes logical sense for an individual to wonder where I start for drug addiction treatment.

The best way to begin the process is to identify what is my needs at this point. Do I need to get alcohol or drug treatment and do I have a physical reliance on the substance? If I am someone that has been drinking alcohol or using drugs for years, then I may need to consider beginning drug addiction treatment by entering a medical detox program. Below is the type of addiction treatment programs.

Types of Drug Addiction Treatment Programs in Texas:

Medical Detox Programs Inpatient Treatment Programs
Residential Treatment Programs Partial Hospitalization Programs
Intensive outpatient Programs Chronic Relapse Prevention Programs
30-Day Rehabs 60-Day Rehabs
90-Day Rehabs Long-Term Treatment Programs
Short-Term Stabilization Programs Specialty Drug Rehab Programs


Medical Detox Programs:

Medical detox programs are designed to help an individual manage the acute physical and psychological needs of people with an addiction to substances. Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers several different medical detox programs.


Many people that don’t have a problem with alcohol may not understand that alcohol is an addictive drug that individuals can develop a dependence on or that some people can develop an addiction to drinking alcohol which is called alcoholism or more commonly referred to as an alcohol use disorder.

Alcohol is the most widely used drug in Texas and throughout the United States, it is also responsible for more addiction than all other drugs combined. People living in Texas which is located in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston may notice a higher frequency of alcohol-related problems because of the higher population numbers.

People living in rural areas or smaller areas in Texas do develop problems with alcohol-related problems at the same rates as major cities, so it’s misleading to think that alcohol addictions are only concentrated in the larger populated cities in Texas. The problem with an alcohol addiction begins when an individual frequently ingests the alcohol repeatedly for an extended period.

Opioid Detox or Detoxification Programs:

Summer Sky does offer people that are addicted to opioid drugs medical detox programs. We do have some general overall detox protocols for opioid drugs, but some opioid substances are treated a little differently because they are all not created equal.

Example: Some opioids are synthetically manufactured while some drugs are naturally occurring opiate substances and the detox period can be different for a synthetic drug versus a naturally occurring substance. Below are some of the different opioid drugs we can help a person detox from in our opioid detox programs.

Hydrocodone (Vicodin®, Norco®, Lortab®) Oxycodone (OxyContin®, Percocet®)
Codeine Morphine (Kadian®, Avinza®)
Fentanyl (Abstral® Actiq® Duragesic®) Oxymorphone (Opana®)
Tramadol Methadone
Meperidine (Demerol®) Hydromorphone (Dilaudid®)


Heroin Detox Program:

We have been treating people with heroin use disorders for over 37 years and the medical detox protocols have drastically changed in the last 37 years as the individual now reports minimal discomfort going through detox from heroin withdrawal while they are entered into our heroin detox program. This is great for people that are fearful of the detox process as kicking heroin without the use of detox medications is very dangerous and uncalled for since science has advanced detox services.

Fentanyl Detox Programs:

All naturally occurring opiates and opioids can be dangerous to use without proper supervision and once an individual develops an addiction to fentanyl the chances of overdose rise as you can see by our current opioid pandemic across the United States. We are asking anyone that believes they are dealing with a fentanyl use disorder or fentanyl addiction to call our medical detox problem immediately as we have a rapid admission process to get people into treatment as soon as possible.

Too many people reach out for help for this particular addiction and then put off entering treatment and find themselves in an overdose situation because they didn’t move forward with entering treatment. We want to prevent overdose or accidental death from occurring, so if you suspect that you are addicted to the drug fentanyl, please arrange for treatment today.

Stimulant Detox Programs:

Many people are not aware that withdrawal symptoms do emerge when an individual stops using stimulant drugs. It is a mistaken belief that no withdrawal symptoms emerge when you stop ingesting the drug into your body. We do help people detox from stimulant drugs and we make the detox process as comfortable as possible since the body system is impacted by the drugs on a physical level. Below are some of the drugs we help people detox from at our medical detox programs.

  • Stimulants in general
  • Methamphetamines (Crystal meth)
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines (Adderall®)

Benzodiazepines Detox Program:

Summer Sky can help you detoxify from prescribed prescription benzodiazepines and illegal street drug versions of benzodiazepines. The most common drugs that people become addicted to are listed below, but there is a new trend of adding fentanyl to these substances and re-pressing them with street drug versions.

If you have developed a benzodiazepine, use disorders, or developed an addiction to the drugs, we can help you safely detoxify from the addictive substances. Keep in mind that this class of drugs can produce a central nervous system (CNS) depression and detox will need to be a central focus point of the drug addiction treatment followed by more intensive drug treatment services.

  • Diazepam (Valium®)
  • Alprazolam (Xanax®)
  • Lorazepam (Ativan®)

Inpatient Treatment Programs:

Many people with substance use disorders will need inpatient treatment programs to help them with their alcohol or drug problems. Its an important level of care of treatment services that ensure, an individual is medically stable from the physical and psychological features of an individual acute addiction to substances. Some people need this additional time after medical detox is completed.

Inpatient drug treatment is necessary for people with extended physical acute withdrawal symptoms or that are dealing with co-occurring medical or psychiatric conditions. In some cases, health conditions have made the need for more oversight with medical monitoring and inpatient treatment is recommended when a higher level of medical and safety is required.

Residential Treatment Programs:

Today residential treatment programs are typically for people who enter a 30, 60, or 90-day rehab program. However, people with substance use disorders choose to attend a residential treatment program for a wide variety of reasons. The treatment in general is considered more comprehensive.

One thing that is attractive about drug addiction treatment at a residential treatment program is the fact that it removed outside influences, relapse triggers, and easy access to addictive substances so that the individual can focus on healing the body and mind while they are enrolled in the treatment program.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment Programs (PHP):

This type of drug addiction treatment program is designed for people who have stepped down into a lower level of care or treatment services. They are either 5 hours a day or 8 hours a day for 5 days a week minimal. However, today more treatment centers are offering partial hospitalization treatment programs that also include room and boarding during the treatment program.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs:

This is a treatment program that lasts for 6 weeks to 24 weeks depending on the treatment provider. It is offered for 3 hours a night with 3 to 4 nights a week. It is being encouraged for people who have recently completed a 30-day treatment program as it’s a great continuing care program for people discharging from a 30-day treatment program.

Chronic Relapse Prevention Treatment Programs:

Typically, this form of treatment program is designed for people with a history of relapse or for people that need treatment, but don’t necessarily need to be educated on addiction-related themes as they have been in personal recovery before and need to discover what went wrong in their recovery program. It is great for people who have had previous treatment episodes. The relapse prevention focus is attractive to most people choosing this form of treatment services.

30-Day Rehabs:

The 30-day rehabs are drug addiction treatment programs that are the most popular form of substance use disorder treatment in Texas and throughout the United States. We can’t stress how important this type of treatment program is too new people who need addiction treatment services.

More people choose to attend 30-day rehabs because they are quick and fast at addressing the primary addiction-related problems, but they are comprehensive to get a person started in the right direction to recover from their substance use disorders. Another common name is a 30-day treatment program.

60-Day Rehabs:

Never underestimate the influence of time when it comes to treating addiction. The 60-day drug rehab is one of the newer forms of addiction rehab in the State of Texas and throughout the United States. They are great for people that need more treatment and have more to learn and need more time to allow their body system to heal from the active addiction. This program is sometimes referred to as a 60-day addiction treatment program.

90-Day Rehabs:

If we could have it our way, we would have everyone needing treatment to enter our 90-day rehab programs as this is the most thorough and comprehensive form of drug addiction treatment available in 2022. Addiction treatment focuses on education, prevention, therapy, and practicing recovery skills while allowing the brain to restructure from chronic addictions. The “Gold Standard of addiction treatment” is the 90-day addiction treatment program.

Get Help Today:

Do you or a loved one need access to immediate help for alcohol, prescription drug, or other addictive-related disorder? Call our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857 for drug treatment now. Learn more about our 30, 60 & 90-Day Texas Drug Rehabs by Calling our Admissions Department Today!

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