OUR TEAM: Leslie Shane Gilliam, M.D.

Why We Do What We Do…

Our Medical Director

Our Medical Director Leslie Shane Gilliam, M.D. has been helping those with Substance Disorders since 1994 and developed a passion for helping men and women recover from substance use disorders. Dr. Gilliam graduated from The University of Texas Medical School at Houston in June of 2002. In his career as a medical doctor, he has worked with several addiction treatment programs and psychiatric facilities across Texas.

Dr. Gilliam is a down to earth doctor who listens to his patients, cares about their needs and goes out of his way to help them become free from alcohol and drugs. Dr. Gilliam encourages his patients to take responsibility for their well-being and helps each one to achieve optimal health. Often his patients become motivated to seek lifestyle changes and focus on self-care through his guidance and motivation.

He believes in the utilization of healthy diets, exercise, psychotherapy, relationships and spiritual counseling as all equally important to a person’s recovery during and after treatment. Summer Sky is grateful to have such a knowledgeable medical doctor as our medical director.