Don’t Let Cost Stop You From Getting Help!

Don’t Let Cost Stop You From Getting Help!

The cost of treatment can be expensive and stand in the way of people desiring treatment, but the cost of alcohol and drugs related to getting arrested, hospital bills, relationship issues, divorce, and funerals are also costly for people who don’t receive help for an alcohol or drug problem.

Here at Summer Sky, we believe in trying to help everyone. It is not easy for someone that is suffering from addiction or alcoholism to afford help. Often the disease has progressed to the point it’s affecting a person’s financial situation by the time they realize they need help to overcome it. This is why our facility does it’s best to keep the cost of treatment affordable while still providing clients with safe and dedicated treatment experiences. The rising cost of health insurance can be difficult at times due to the increasing cost of medications and living. This does not stop us from trying to find ways to help you or a loved one.

It was recently announced by our dedicated board that we are going to offer specials for each month this year. We would like to continue to help you in any way we can, and our dedicated Admissions Department can answer questions regarding treatment. We are here to help you get the help you need. We are contracted with and accept many major health insurance plans. Cost still varies depending on the type of insurance and your policy coverage, but we can help. We also have special rates for those able and willing to pay privately. We are cutting prices so give our admission department a call so that they can give you the best price on treatment. Let us help you or a family member get started on a path to recovery. DON’T PUT OFF SEEKING HELP AS THESE PRICES ARE FOR A LIMITED TIME.

Admissions Department 1-888-857-8857

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Specials 

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