Don’t Give Up and Keep On Fighting!

When you suffer from a disease such as addiction and alcoholism, it is very difficult to beat.
Even years down the path of recovery you will find yourself thinking about drinking or using drugs during difficult times.

For those that still suffer and those in early recovery, this can be challenging to follow a recovery program especially as elevated stress is making things seem more overwhelming. Sometimes these dangerous time periods result in a relapse back to active drinking or drugs. If this happens, don’t give into the addiction, but more importantly seek help immediately because detox and treatment are there to help you get back on your feet again and can help you start over in recovery.

If you are actively drinking or, using drugs, or you are a loved one wanting someone to get sober again then contact a treatment center for help and guidance. You are important, and everyone deserves an opportunity for treatment. The main thing is to redirect the fight inside of you toward asking for help. Please don’t give into the addiction because of a recent relapse; it only gets harder to ask for help the longer you stay using alcohol or drugs.

The vicious cycle of addiction will keep you looped into a repetitive cycle of hopeless feelings and thoughts. During these times learning to live a life of recovery is hard, because of the guilt and shame that results from this addictive cycle. The main thing is to know that others have been exactly where you are in addiction and since they have found recovery they are experiencing a life full of happiness in sobriety. You can easily have that same happiness by seeking help.


A frequent saying in recovery is “Keep coming back.”
To fight a good fight that results in a win, you will need to focus your desire to get clean and sober and then ask for help. Once you ask for help, then follow through with the help placed before you. You can do this at any time. How about asking for help now?

Here at Summer Sky we understand the struggle and know what you are experiencing, and we want to help you. We have helped thousands of people find recovery If we had given up on riding a bike when we fell off repeatedly, we would never have learned to ride a bike.

Summer Sky and its dedicated staff are here to help. We will help you see what lead to your relapse and what can be done to help get you back on a good path to lifelong recovery. So, THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER don’t give up or give in to the struggle. Your life and those you love are worth every attempt.

CALL SUMMER SKY NOW!!!! 1-888-857-8857 KEEP FIGHTING!!!!

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