Do You Really Need a 90-Day Treatment Program?

Do You Really Need a 90-Day Treatment Program?

When a person begins searching for an addiction treatment program, they will often notice several different types of treatment programs. Some of the most common types of treatment programs are medical detox programs, inpatient treatment programs, residential treatment programs, and intensive outpatient treatment programs.

These types of treatment models will help a person treat their addiction to a substance. However, they are dramatically different in their approach, as well as who is eligible to attend these treatment programs. Each treatment program varies in the length of time it takes to complete each treatment program.

The bottom line is treatment is the single most effective way to stop an addiction to a substance. So, deciding to enter treatment is one of the best decisions a person can make to stop their addiction. Do you need a 90-day treatment program?

This question arises as soon as people begin to investigate the various types of treatment programs. As they look at the different treatment programs, they may notice that the 90-day treatment programs are highly regarded as the “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment”. More people are choosing to attend 90-day treatment programs versus the shorter duration of treatment services.

What is causing more people to enter 90-day treatment programs?

Now of course people have different reasons for choosing to attend 90-day treatment programs and the reasons will vary from one individual to another, but the most common reason people choose to attend a 90-day treatment program is that 90-day treatment programs provide the necessary time to heal the brain of the person who has become addicted to either alcohol or drugs.

Brain research is demonstrating that it can take up to 90-days to heal the brain as long as no more addictive substances are introduced back into the brain. The brain will need to have time to heal and bring itself back into a healthy balance. The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) recommends that an individual with a substance use disorder at least enter treatment and participate for 90 days or longer to see maximum results from a treatment program.

When a person utilizes a 90-day treatment program they are allowing for the proper time to allow the brain to return to normal functioning. When a person stops using an addictive substance it takes the receptors in the brain time to slowly return to normal.

We are not suggesting that only a 90-day treatment program is the only type of treatment program a person should utilize for treatment services. What we are suggesting is that no matter what treatment program a person chooses to attend for treatment services they will need to remain 90-days free from alcohol or drugs to benefit fully from the healing of the brain.

What are the lengths of the various types of treatment programs?

There are multiple time periods associated with addiction treatment programs. These treatment programs are designed with a curriculum that is provided during the treatment services. Each of these treatment programs is described as a 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day treatment program.

There are even 6-month treatment programs and 1-year treatment programs. It can easily become confusing trying to determine which program is best to attend for treatment services. So how do you determine which treatment program you should attend for addiction treatment? Below we will highlight some of the differences between treatment programs so you can make a better decision on which type of treatment is best for your situation.

Medical Detox & Stabilization Programs

Many people will require medical detoxification along with a certain amount of time to stabilize from using an addictive substance. These individuals normally will develop a withdrawal syndrome once they stop using an addictive substance.

This occurs when blood or tissue concentrations of a substance decline in an individual who had maintained prolonged heavy use of the substance. When a person is using an addictive substance and they develop withdrawal symptoms they consume more of the substance to relieve the symptoms. Depending on the substance being ingested will determine which detox protocol a medical detox program will utilize to manage the withdrawal symptoms.

The physiological signs of withdrawal are often associated with alcohol, opioids, sedatives, hypnotics, and anxiolytic drugs. For those using substances like amphetamines, cannabis, and cocaine the withdrawal signs and symptoms are often present but less apparent. Medical Detox and Stabilization Programs are well-equipped to manage the physiological and psychological withdrawal signs and symptoms. Medical Detoxification Programs provide a safe environment to comfortably detox from a substance. Many people can successfully complete medical detox in 10-days or less.

30-Day Treatment Programs

The most popular and known treatment program is the 30-Day Treatment Program. More people attend 30-day treatment programs than any other type of treatment program in the United States and across the State of Texas. What appeals to people utilizing these types of treatment programs is the quick 30-days of time dedicated to completing these treatment programs.

Many people who are employed utilize these types of treatment programs because they can attend treatment and then get back to work after completing the treatment program. Others find these type of treatment programs an advantage for them because they can often utilize their health insurance and most 30-day treatment program is covered by health insurance plans. For those that must pay privately for a 30-day treatment program, these treatment programs are more affordable than other types of treatment programs.

30-Day Treatment Programs are great for helping an individual deal with the acute aspect of their addiction to a substance. People that attend a 30-day treatment program will need to be highly motivated to work on their problems related to their addictions.

These programs are well structured and require a certain amount of discipline to treat their addiction. They are fast-paced types of treatment programs in which the individual is living in the treatment program 24 hours a day participating in different types of therapies, individualized counseling sessions, educational groups, group counseling, life skills training, relapse prevention training, and other types of groups. People that require medical detoxification usually attend these types of treatment programs after they are medically cleared to participate in a 30-day treatment program.

60-Day Treatment Programs

People who choose to attend 60-day treatment programs are normally concerned with needing more time to deal with their addiction-related problems. The traditional 30-day treatment program is just not enough time for them to deal with all their problems, so they choose to attend 60-day treatment programs to have more time to properly deal with their substance use disorder.

These individuals commit to attending more time in treatment because they need more time and attention to treat their addiction to substances. Normally these individuals have prolonged medical detoxification experiences and need additional time to address their addiction-related problems. In some cases, they may have co-occurring medical conditions or psychiatric disorders that need to be treated simultaneously.

They need more time and attention to properly deal with their psychological problems during treatment. There are hundreds of reasons why an individual will choose to attend a 60-day treatment program, however, what we do know is the more time a person can dedicate to treatment the better prepared they are to face life without the use of substances.

90-Day Treatment Programs

The “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment” is the 90-day treatment program. This type of treatment program allows an individual the proper time to heal from the brain chemistry damage that is created during a person’s substance use disorder. It helps with healing the physical, psychological, and behavioral aspects of a substance use disorder.

The 90-day treatment program looks at a substance use disorder as a chronic health condition that will be treated over the course of a person’s life. There are no shortcuts to treating a person’s addiction and 90-day treatment programs are designed in such a way as to prepare a person to meet the challenges of personal recovery. Designing a treatment plan and mapping out a course of action to achieve long-term recovery is a major goal of 90-day treatment programs.

In addition to high-quality addiction treatment, 90-day treatment programs focus on the whole-body system because they have the time to show a person how to utilize health-related skills to enhance their body through the healing process. The programs are evidence-based addiction treatment programs that promote addiction treatment from a multi-dimensional treatment approach to help sustain long-term sobriety. Treatment is comprehensive in a 90-day treatment program and achieves better outcomes than shorter types of treatment programs.

Summer Sky Relapse Track

Summer Sky offers all types of treatment programs discussed on this page. We are passionate about treatment for people with addictions to substances. We know treatment works and we go out of our way to provide the best alcohol rehabs and drug rehabs in the State of Texas. However, occasionally an individual may experience a relapse back into either drinking alcohol or using an addictive substance.

We have created the Summer Sky Relapse Track™ to address this issue for those that have a history of relapse. These individuals benefit from entering treatment and being detoxified in our Detox Now Program™ and then after completing medical detox they enter our Summer Sky Relapse Track™ where they look at the causes and conditions of their relapse back into addictive substances.

A well-developed plan of action is established to help these individuals not to return to addictive substances as well as a recovery plan that is often critical for these individuals to be successful in personal recovery.

Most Common Types of Treatment Programs

Some of the most common types of treatment programs are medical detox & stabilization programs (10-Day Programs), 30-day treatment programs, 60-day treatment programs, and 90-Day Treatment Programs. These types of treatment programs are suggested the time periods that it will take an individual to go through the treatment program utilizing the designed curriculum that is built into the treatment programs.

However, in no way does this mean that a person will achieve every aspect of full health by participating in these types of treatment programs since each person is an individual with unique needs and own individual problems. The fact is addiction is a chronic condition that requires ongoing treatment and recovery to be effective.

Addiction is like other chronic diseases, Cancer, Asthma, Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure, that must be managed throughout our lives. If you have either an alcohol or drug problem, then seek help today from any of the above addiction treatment programs.

Summer Sky Addiction Treatment Options

Summer Sky is a Texas Based Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facility located in Stephenville, Texas about 60 miles south of Ft. Worth, Texas, and 90 miles north of Waco, Texas. People travel to our addiction treatment programs from Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, Texas on a regular basis to utilize our amazing addiction treatment programs. Summer Sky believes in providing addiction treatment options to those looking for treatment services. If you need help with an addiction related-related problem, then give our admissions department a call at 1-888-857-8857.

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