Do you need an intervention

Do you need an intervention?

Many people desire to help a loved one or friend who is struggling with an alcohol or drug problem. However, they often are not sure what direction to head in to help a loved one or friend. One of the best ways to help a person get into treatment is by using the intervention process or who to contact for intervention.

The intervention process is designed to help people that are struggling with a substance use problem get help for their alcohol or drug problems. There are several different types of interventions that exist, and the most popular intervention techniques are guided by professional interventionist that is trained to perform interventions.

Intervention Process:

An intervention process is a structured approach to intervening in someone that is experiencing a substance use crisis. The intervention is a powerful tool that is highly effective at motivating an individual to get help for their alcohol or drug problem. It is a process that is prepared and structured with the assistance of a trained professional interventionist.

It often involves key people in the individual’s life who are close to the person who is addicted to a substance. The intervention group is selected with your help by the trained interventionist to help motivate a person to seek treatment at an alcohol rehab or drug rehab program.

Interventions are Effective at Motivating a Person to Seek Help:

If you have already talked to the individual who you are concerned with about their substance use problems and found that they are not receptive to getting help for their problem, then an intervention is the next logical step.

Some people do acknowledge your love and concern when you approach them about receiving help for their problem, so it is always a good idea to bring up your concern for their alcohol or drug problem in a loving manner. Sometimes an intervention is not needed because you talked with the person who is struggling and asked them to get some help.

You will be surprised how many people will agree to go get help. It happens every day when families and friends sit down and have a conversation about the problem that they see taking place with the person who is addicted to substances.

It never hurts to have a conversation about the problem you see with them. It can give you a true gauge of where the person is with getting help, which can be useful to the trained interventionist if you must move into the intervention process as your next step.

If after your conversation you get no commitment from the individual with the problem to get some help, then it’s time to look at the intervention process next. The first part of hiring a professional interventionist is to call an alcohol rehab or drug rehab program and discuss with the treatment program your desire to have a professional interventionist help.

Some professional interventionist services do not cost a fee and others are hired interventionists. Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers both free interventions and has a network of professional interventionists that charge a fee for service to perform the intervention. You can discuss these options with Summer Sky at 1-888-857-8857 by simply calling to discuss the treatment process and intervention process.

People that are Resistant to Get Help are Candidates for an Intervention:

The problem is an addiction, and since addictions involve physical, psychological, social, and behavioral problems when someone is addicted to a substance, the intervention process will filter through these issues to provide the right course an intervention team will use to motivate a person to seek help for their problem.

Denial is often the single most powerful defense mechanism keeping a person from asking for help or seeking help. The intervention process will address this issue prior to the intervention meeting. The intervention technique is planned out, so there is time to discuss your fears and plans on what to do and not do in the intervention. The professional interventionist is there to help everything go correctly, and you will be prepared before the intervention takes place.

Before you choose a professional interventionist, you will need to find a rehab program:

This involves a little research on your part, as alcohol rehabs and drug rehab programs do vary in the amount of money, they cost to attend a treatment program. Most treatment programs are covered by health insurance, and others are private pay facilities.

A good number of treatment facilities do accept private insurance and offer affordable private pay rates. Something to consider is will the person that needs an intervention need medical detoxification. This is important because alcohol detox and drug detox are critical to helping a person deal with the physical withdrawal associated with coming off addicted substances.

It is recommended that you pick a facility that has an onsite medical detox program for safety reasons. Another important consideration is the length of the treatment program that the alcohol rehab or drug rehab program offers. There are 30-day inpatient treatment programs and 90-day inpatient treatment programs. The longer the treatment, the better chances a person will be able to address most of their problems while in treatment.

In-network Facilities versus Out-of-Network Facilities:

Try not to get caught up in the in-network versus out-of-network situation. The bottom line is there are facilities that accept in-network insurance and others that are considered out-of-network programs. The quality of treatment is not impacted by the in-network versus the out-of-network status of a facility. However, it is no secret that an in-network treatment program does save you or the individual on out-of-pocket expenses.

Staff Interventionist versus Independent Interventionist:

Some facilities offer intervention services for free, and these interventionists are paid for by the facility to help families and employers in the community with intervention services. The professional interventionist works exclusively for the treatment program.

The treatment facility usually offers this service for free for qualified individuals needing this extra service. The facility-based interventionist usually only places the individual in their treatment program.

An independent professional interventionist has no ties to the treatment facility. They offer their services for a fee-for-service rate. Most treatment programs use a network of professional interventionists that achieve high success rates in motivating people to get into treatment through the intervention process.

You can get names of independent professional interventionists from the facility you are interested in attending. Summer Sky offers both staff interventionist services and independent professional intervention referrals if you are looking for an intervention to be performed.

Do interventions work?

Some professional interventionist has a 90% or higher success rate in getting people to treatment using the intervention approach. It is estimated that 8% of those that do not immediately go to treatment on the day of the intervention meeting do come into treatment in the next 6 months prior to an intervention taking place. That leaves 2% that just will not go to treatment no matter what people do to intervene for them.

These individuals are often at high risk of experiencing future legal issues or premature death related to alcohol or drug overdose. Many times, a second intervention is set up at a different time for the 2% in the future to try and prevent more addiction-related consequences. Interventions do work, and they are effective at stopping the cycle of addiction and motivating a person into treatment.

Do you need help with a professional intervention?

Contact Summer Sky Treatment Center at 1-888-857-8857 to discuss the intervention process and for professional intervention referrals. Summer Sky offers medical detox, inpatient treatment, residential treatment, day treatment, and intensive outpatient treatment programs. Summer Sky is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services and accredited by The Joint Commission.

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