Do I need an Interventionist

It’s a common problem to begin talking to your loved one and ask them to get help for their alcohol or drug problem and receive an immediate response of “I don’t need help I can stop anytime I want” or you’re making a big deal out of this, and I don’t need help” or other excuses or responses for why the individual doesn’t need professional treatment to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs.

When you have approached your loved one or a friend about your concern and they refuse to listen to your concerns regarding what you are noticing with their alcohol or drug problem, then often you may be tempted to stop trying to get them help for their alcohol or drug problem.

You may start searching the internet to learn about ways to help your loved one stop drinking alcohol or doing drugs, which is always a good idea and can be helpful to search google for some answers. If you search google right now for, how do I help someone get into treatment? You’re going to get a search return for a substance use disorder treatment program website.

You will notice that the treatment programs will recommend contacting a professional interventionist to help you with a technique called an Intervention. The intervention process is very helpful in guiding someone who is demonstrating resistance to the idea of getting help for their alcohol or drug problem. Interventions are often performed by a professional interventionist to motivate your loved one to seek help for their substance use disorder.

What is an Intervention?

While all kinds of interventions exist the family intervention is one of the most effective intervention techniques to get your loved one to seek treatment for their substance use disorder. The intervention itself is a well-thought-out and planned meeting that is orchestrated by a professional interventionist to motivate your loved one to enter a substance use disorder treatment program.

The Intervention Process:

The intervention process is unique because it involves a team approach to helping motivate your loved one to get help. This is more effective than one person alone trying to convince someone to get help for their alcohol or drug problem. The intervention process is focused on presenting facts about what has been witnessed related to someone’s alcohol or drug use. It is an act of love & concern that removes judgment but is designed to be truthful and upfront about alcohol or drug use.

Who participates in the Intervention?

When you hire a professional interventionist, they will explore all options with you to design the best team of people to be involved in your intervention. The professional interventionist will guide you through the entire process. Some people that may be a part of your intervention team could be family members like aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, kids, husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, close friends, supervisors, bosses, clergymen, physicians, and friends.

Contact An Interventionist Today:

If you would like to discuss setting up an intervention or would like to explore hiring a professional interventionist you can contact Scott Kelley who is a professional interventionist who can explain the intervention process and guide you in the right direction for treatment and intervention services. He offers a free consultation to anyone that is considering utilizing the intervention process to help their loved one get into treatment. He can be reached by calling him direct at 1-254-485-4015.

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