Many people are not aware that becoming addicted to alcohol, prescription drugs or illegal substances can create withdrawal symptoms when an individual abruptly stops ingesting an addictive substance. However, this sobering reality is cause for concern for many people with an alcohol or drug problem. This lack of knowledge can be dangerous and cause unnecessary risk for people with an addiction.

Detoxification is the process of allowing medical interventions to prevent uncomfortable and dangerous withdrawal symptoms from emerging when a person begins the detox process. The medical team along with support staff and addiction counselors work together with the person individual who is in detox to help guide the person through detoxification.

Alcohol Detoxification

The most common form of medical detoxification involves people who have developed alcohol use disorders. The alcohol detoxification process will help a person overcome physical and psychological dependence on alcohol. The goal is for the person to become alcohol-free and relieve the acute symptoms of withdrawal and stabilize any associated medical or psychiatric problems.

The short-term goal for the individual is to return to a state of abstinence from alcohol while also preparing an individual for other forms of alcohol treatment services. Summer Sky Treatment Center® located in Stephenville, Texas has an alcohol detoxification program that can help you break free from alcoholism.

Inpatient Detoxification

There are many advantages to requesting help from an alcohol rehab or alcohol treatment program that offers medical detoxification services. The main feature that attracts people to inpatient detoxification is the 24-hour medical monitoring along with medications to curb the associated withdrawal symptoms from emerging. The other advantages are safety and comfortableness that are experienced while living in the inpatient detoxification program.

What are some of the services provided during Medical Detoxification?

There is an initial assessment, including an intake history, and physical examination which is all-important for the detoxification process. The medical doctor will order laboratory studies and decide on the initiation of the type of detoxification treatment. Once this process is completed the medications are administered and then an individual is encouraged to rest and allow the medications to begin helping detoxify the harmful toxic substance from the body.

The average time that it takes someone to fully detoxify from alcohol or drugs can range from 5 to 14 days depending on the substance that a person is being detoxified from and other considerations are the amount and time an individual has been addicted to the substances. People using benzodiazepines have been known to require longer durations to detox from this addictive substance.

Summer Sky Medical Detoxification Programs

Our medical detoxification programs involve a wide range of addictive substances that we can help a person deal with while in treatment. It’s important to realize that detoxification is only one part of the treatment for substance use disorder. To be effective an individual will need to go through medical detoxification and then enter the below types of treatment services.

The Types of Addictive Substances People Detox from Summer Sky

Alcohol Detox Methamphetamine Detox Opioid Detox
Benzodiazepine Detox Sedative Detox Cocaine Detox
Barbiturate Detox Amphetamine Detox Heroin Detox
PCP Detox Methadone Detox Hydrocodone Detox
Oxycodone Detox OxyContin Detox Morphine Detox
Stimulant Detox Alprazolam Detox Xanax® Detox
Chlordiazepoxide Detox Clonazepam Detox Klonopin® Detox
Clorazepate Detox Tranxene® Detox Diazepam Detox
Valium® Estazolam Detox ProSom® Detox
Flumazenil Detox Mazicon Detox Flurazepam Detox
Dalmane® Detox Halazepam Detox Paxipam® Detox
Lorazepam Detox Ativan® Detox Midazolam Detox
Amobarbital Detox Amytal® Detox Butabarbital Detox
Butisol® Detox Butalbital Detox Fiorinal Detox
Pentobarbital Detox Nembutal® Detox Secobarbital Detox
Seconal® Detox Inhalant Detox Cannabis Detox


There are many more addictive substances that we can help you with the medical detox process, keep in mind some people need to detox from several of the above substance all at one time when they enter the Summer Sky Detox Programs. Some of the withdrawal symptoms will be severe physical symptoms while others could be mild or moderate in severity.

Immediate Medical Detoxification Services

Summer Sky is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to speak with our admissions department and our substance use disorder & medical detox facility is open 24 hours a day 365 days out of the year. We can even accommodate an individual for same-day admission into any of our Texas Drug Rehabs by calling us at 1-888-857-8857.

Summer Sky Accepts Most Major Private Health Insurance Plans

Aetna Anthem Beacon Health Options
Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBS HMO   BCBS of Texas PPO
Cigna ComPsych Federal BCBS
First Health Galaxy Health Network Health Smart
Humana Life Synch Humana Magellan
Oscar PHCS/Multiplan MHNet
United Healthcare United Behavioral Health Scott and White Health Plan


If you do not see your health plan listed above? You can call us at 1-888-857-8857 to talk with our admissions department and see if we accept your particular health plan! There are so many health plans across Texas that we do accept that are not listed.

Summer Sky Treatment Programs:

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