Detox in Vermont

Outside influences, or triggers, such as friend groups or stressful situations can make detoxing on your
own a very difficult task. Often times, in your environment, you are surrounded by temptation that
makes it almost impossible to quit addictions. Additionally, attempting to break addictions on your own
can be dangerous, as withdrawal symptoms can be strong and lead to health problems. If you can admit
that you have an addiction problem and that you want to find a way to detox and break free from what
is holding you back, then choose to detox in a neutral and safe space. Summer Sky, a Vermont detox
facility, offers you an environment free from triggers where you are surrounded by medical experts who
will monitor you closely throughout the process.

Why Should You Get Professional Help for Detox?

Medical Detox Is Best

Withdrawal symptoms, if not treated with care, can cause significant side effects such as increased heart
rate, sweating, and even seizures. Medical detox centers in Vermont have expert professionals on
hands who can monitor you throughout the process to limit your withdrawal symptoms and keep you
safe. They offer around the clock care as well as medications to make you as comfortable as possible
during the detoxification process. Don’t try to go it alone. Medical detox at Summer Sky is your best
option for detoxing.

Why Should You Get Professional Help for Detox?

The Medical Detox Process

Knowing what to expect can ease your mind about the detox process. Upon arrival, you will answer
questions about your struggles so medical professionals can determine how best to address detox for
you. Then, the process will begin where all toxins are removed from your system and you are monitored
24 hours a day. The medical team of doctors and nurses will supervise your detox treatment in Vermont
and give medications as needed for comfort. After 7-10 days, the process is complete and you are ready
for the next steps. Summer Sky staff will discuss further rehab options with you so you can begin your
recovery process. Your body may feel great after a stay at a Vermont detox facility, but your journey is
just beginning.

A Top-Rated, Affordable Detox Clinic

One of the biggest concerns when considering detox is whether or not your family can take on such a
financial burden. At Summer Sky, we want nothing to hold you back. We are in-network with most
major insurances. We also offer some of the lowest treatment rates among detox centers in Vermont so
nothing stands in your way. If you are considering a 30-day or 90-day stay, Summer Sky will work with
you to make it affordable for you and your family. Detox at a top-rated drug rehab facility that has
received the highest level of certification and has been Joint Commission Approved for drug treatment.
You are sure to receive, quality, affordable care.