Detox in South Dakota

The withdrawal process is a powerful process that should be taken seriously. Summer Sky’s reputable
medical detox services realizes what a challenge detox and withdrawal can be. They strive to offer
effective, life-changing detox treatment in South Dakota through our quality, on-site medical detox

Why Should You Get Professional Help for Detox?

The First Step in Your Journey

Most likely, if you recognize you have an addiction problem and are seeking treatment, detox if the first
step in this process. During detox, harmful substances are cleared from the body. This can be a trying
time which often leads to temptation and relapse if detox is attempted at home. Detoxing at a medical
detox in South Dakota gives you a safe and neutral environment, free from the triggers in your
surroundings, where your body can recover and heal from addictions.

Why Should You Get Professional Help for Detox?

The Dangers of Withdrawal

When your body has become dependent upon a substance, it will experience withdrawal when forced to
go without this substance it has become addicted to. Withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable,
painful, and even dangerous. These symptoms may include nausea, agitation, anxiety, mood swings,
headaches, muscle pain, dizziness, and even seizures. Because of the intensity of withdrawal, it is
recommended that those who suffer from addictions seek medical care at a medical detox facility. At
Summer Sky South Dakota detox facility, expert medical professionals will monitor your withdrawal
symptoms around the clock. They can keep medications on hands to ease your pain and make you as
comfortable as possible throughout this detoxification process. Don’t attempt to do it alone. Let the
knowledgeable staff at Summer Sky help you through.

The Benefits of Choosing Summer Sky

Summer Sky has a reputation for being a top rehab facility that stands above all other detox centers in
South Dakota. They have undergone an extensive process to become Joint Commission Approved for
drug treatment. This means when you choose to detox at Summer Sky, you are receiving that absolute
best there is to offer. Additionally, Summer Sky seeks to make treatment affordable by offering some of
the lowest treatment rates. They also accept most major insurance plans. For excellent care and high-
quality rehab programs for both 30-day and 90-day rehab stays, choose Summer Sky.