Detox in South Carolina

If you or someone you love is ready to start the journey to recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction, the first step is a detox in South Carolina. Whether or not you’re seeking traditional rehab through 30-day or 90-day programs, the detoxification process is crucial for any rehabilitation goal. At Summer Sky, we provide an accessible 10 Day Detoxification & Short-Term Stabilization Program for any patients looking for short-term or long-term rehabilitation care. Detoxification will improve the effectiveness of your rehabilitation.

Why You Need to Detox First

A South Carolina detox or getting rehabilitation and detox treatment from detox centers in South Carolina is an important first step. If you’re setting your sights on rehabilitation from addiction, you need to cleanse the body through detoxification. As the “beginning stage” of rehabilitation, a detox will begin to free your body from the harmful chemicals of addictions, allowing you to be and feel healthier, as well as creating space for healthier habits.

Stabilization, a part of the detoxification and rehabilitation process, is the healing part of the process for your body. With our program, you’ll get help in developing a plan to maintain the detox and stick with your rehabilitation well after the detox program and other rehabilitation services.

Summer Sky provides an effective solution that gets anyone started on the road to recovery from addiction, even those on a budget or a tight schedule. Our program is set up to help anyone succeed in detoxing from harmful addictions and it sets you up to begin your overall rehabilitation.

Consider Summer Sky for Your Detoxification Solution

Get detox treatment in South Carolina with the help of Summer Sky! We are an independently owned and operated drug and alcohol treatment center based out of Texas. We’ve served over 10,000 patients since 1985, taking care of all of their physical, spiritual, and psychological needs, including males and females, adolescents, and adults, as well as providing care and support for their family members.

We are a top rated addiction treatment center and have been approved for drug treatment by the Joint Commission, provide some of the lowest treatment rates in the area, accept all major insurances, and offer a range of services for your needs (including our 10 day detox program in addition to traditional 30-day and 90-day rehabilitation solutions).

Our staff is friendly and committed to creating a family-like environment that focuses on the best clinical practices. Our treatment is personalized and evidence-based, giving you the best chance at succeeding in your detoxification and rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addictions.

Contact us today at Summer Sky to get started! We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have about detoxification or how our 10 day detox program can help you.

Why We’re a Top Choice for Recovery

Our Staff Is Here to Encourage and Guide You

During your time at the rehab, our staff will encourage you along the path. We know that each person is unique in their journey and you deserve the individualized attention that helps you mend. It can be difficult speaking to family or friends about addiction but know that our staff is understanding, and we treat you with respect throughout each step of the program.

Why We’re a Top Choice for Recovery

We Surround You in a Comfortable Atmosphere

When you think of drug rehabs in Kentucky, you may not realize that how comfortable they are. At Summer Sky, we take your experience to the next level and give patients access to an Olympic size pool, beautiful landscapes to enjoy, pet therapy, horseback riding, and much more. Experiencing what life has to offer beyond addiction helps you cope and prevents relapse issues in the future.

Why You Should Reach Out Now

You Can Get Started on the Road to Recovery Now

Reach out to drug rehabs to begin your journey to recovery. We accept all forms of major insurance and keep our rates at some of the lowest. We make ourselves available to you, so you can ask questions or express concerns, and we promptly address these. We look forward to helping you regain energy and fresh take on a clean and sober life.