Detox in North Dakota

After admitting that you struggle with substance abuse, the next step is to begin the detox process.
Detox removes all harmful substances from your body so you can be at your healthiest once again.
Begin your recovery at Summer Sky’s medical detox in North Dakota where you can detox in a safe

Why Should You Get Professional Help for Detox?

The Steps to Detox

When you enter Summer Sky for detox treatment in North Dakota, staff will begin by asking you a series
of questions to determine what level of detox is needed so they can be prepared to give you the very
best care. Then, the detox process can take anywhere from 5-10 days for all toxins to leave your body.
During this time, you will be monitored around the clock by expert medical professionals such as doctors
or nurses who will ensure you are kept safe and as comfortable as possible. Once the worst is over,
other staff members can begin to discuss the rest of your recovery process with you and help you
choose a rehab program that is the right fit for you so you can continue working towards sobriety.

Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the reasons that many people suffering from addictions find it so hard to break free is because of
severe withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can begin anywhere from 6 to 24 hours after your
last use. These symptoms can be intense and cause anxiety, mood swings, increased heartbeat,
sweating, or even serious health problems such as seizures. Attempting to detox yourself may only lead
back to bad habits when the withdrawal symptoms become too hard to handle. North Dakota detox
facilities such as Summer Sky can remove temptation and help you over through the difficult phases to
freedom on the other side.

One of the Best Medical Detox Facilities

Summer Sky is a top-rated rehab facility that is one of the best available, whether you feel you need a
30-day or 90-day treatment stay. Treatment from Summer Sky is affordable so you don’t have to let
finances stand in the way of receiving the necessary treatment. In fact, they offer some of the lowest
treatment rates among detox centers in North Dakota. Their detox center is held to a standard of
excellence, so much so that they have received the highest certification a rehab center can achieve and
are Joint Commission approved for drug treatment. You are guaranteed to receive best practices in care
at affordable prices when you choose to detox at Summer Sky.