Detox in Indiana

It’s a big decision to realize that you or a loved one has an addiction problem and it’s time to take that first step to go through a medical detox. If you are considering going through a detox on your own, we urge you to reconsider. A Missouri detox assisted by a doctor is the best way to ensure your health is the number one priority.

The more substances like drugs and alcohol are abused, the more the body depends on them to function like normal. This dependency takes time to dissipate and should be done at a pace and with prescription medicine that is recommended by a doctor. At Summer Sky, we take our detox treatment in Indiana seriously, so you can recovery with respect and integrity.

Why Should You Get Professional Help for Detox?

Detox in a Clean Environment

All of our detox centers in Indiana are clean and sanitary. Summer Sky is an established treatment center that has earned approval by the Joint Commission. Our staff is trained and committed to provide a clean environment that his also warm and inviting. Your comfort is important to us, and we know that going through detox in Indiana is not an easy choice to make.

Medical Doctors to Help Relieve the Symptoms of Detoxing

Our medical doctors know that there is no one size fits all treatment for detoxing. Each patient is experiencing their own level of dependency, as well as mental and physical symptoms. The doctor takes into account everything from your current state of health, family history, and level of addiction, so you get a customized detox program.

Therapeutic Activities to Enhance Your Recovery

Therapeutic activities complement the clinical care, so you stay healthy and active throughout your treatment at Summer Sky. By focusing on the mind and body, you can develop coping skills and healthy habits that help you return to your every day life. Choose from activities like swimming, working out at the gym, riding horses, and more.

Contact Summer Sky to Detox Safely

If you want to have a safe detox or know a someone that is trying to detox on their own, let us help. Our atmosphere is peaceful and our program makes each day more comfortable.