Detox in Connecticut

Don’t let addiction rob you of one more day of your life.  Get your life back and break free from the cycle of addiction.  The first step to overcoming addiction to remove all harmful, addictive substances from your body. This detox process is a crucial part of the recovery process.  Many people think that they can detox on their own. But sadly, triggers in their environment or difficulties with the withdrawal process lead many back to their old lifestyle.  Medical detox at detox centers in Connecticut is one of the best methods for removing substances and combating addiction once and for all.

Why Should I Choose Medical Detox?

Symptoms of withdrawal can be overwhelming.  In fact, for some, the withdrawal process can be harmful to their health.  Don’t risk detoxing on your own. Instead, choose to detox in a medical detox facility surrounded by health professionals who can assist you throughout the process.  Not only will you be monitored 24/7 around the clock, but you will also be given care or in extreme cases, medication to make you as comfortable as possible throughout.  For your safety, undergo detox with the help of professionals.

What Is the Process?

Summer Sky Connecticut detox facility first performs an initial assessment upon entering detox.  Medical staff will need to know about your health as well as what drugs you are addicted to so they can provide a detox program that adequately meets your needs.  After the assessment, your detox process can begin. You will be closely monitored and given medications as needed. The average detox process takes anywhere between 7 to 10 days to complete.  After you have completed medical detox, staff will begin to discuss further rehab options so that you can learn coping skills to maintain your sobriety upon leaving detox in Connecticut.

Why Should I Choose Summer Sky?

Summer Sky is a top-rated drug rehab facility in Summer Sky that offers some of the lowest treatment rates available.  In addition to seeking to make rehab affordable for offering reasonable prices, Summer Sky also accepts all major insurances.  They are joint commission approved for drug treatment, which is one of the highest certifications a rehab facility can achieve.  Whether you decide a 30-day program or 90-day program is right for you, Summer Sky has a program designed just for you to help you overcome addiction.  For drug treatment in Connecticut, Summer Sky is the best choice. Visit our website at to find out more information.