Detox Centers in Texas

Detox Centers in Texas

Summer Sky Treatment Center® owns and operates private detox centers in Texas. Our detox centers help people with substance use disorders break free from addictive substances. Summer Sky is a full-service medical detox & substance use disorder treatment facility that helps people heal from addiction-related disorders. Our Texas Drug Rehabs are helping people to recover from addictions daily.

Detox for many individuals is a prerequisite to becoming alcohol or drug-free from addictive substances. Detox alone is not a complete treatment; however, it is a necessary first step to treating a substance use disorder. Medical detox centers help to clear the body of harmful substances, and physical withdrawal symptoms and clear the mind so that other treatment measures can be effective.

Detox is a Process

Detox is a treatment component of a larger process called the treatment process, however, there are important safety and medical monitoring that take place during the detox process. Since many addictive substances are dangerous to stop using without utilizing the help of a detox center it is important for those still actively drinking alcohol or using other addictive substances to not attempt to stop using some additive substances at home or without guidance from a trained medical doctor who is familiar with detox protocols.

It is advised that a person contact a detox center and arrange for admission into a detox center versus attempting to abruptly stop taking an addictive substance. Some addictive substances have withdrawal symptoms that show up shortly after a person stops using an addictive substance that is harmful or fatal if they are not managed by a medical detox center. For immediate admission into one of our detox centers, you can contact us at 1-888-857-8857.

FDA Approved Medication for Detox

Alcohol use disorders along with other substance use disorders are medical conditions and should always be treated as a medical conditions. Medical professionals need to be involved in the detox process and treatment process. When searching for an alcohol rehab or drug rehab to treat your addiction always ask if medical professionals will be involved in the treatment process, especially for treatment programs that offer medical detoxification services, inpatient treatment programs, residential treatment programs, and partial hospitalization treatment programs.

There are many FDA-approved medications for medical detoxification, detox protocols, and anti-craving drugs that can complement the detox process and help a person. It is a good idea to choose detox centers in Texas that offer FDA-approved medications for detox and treatment. If you are looking to enter an alcohol detox or drug rehab program then contact us to learn more about our Texas drug rehabs today.

Medical Detoxification Withdrawal Symptoms

People who have become addicted to alcohol, mood-altering drugs, prescription medications, and illegal substances experience impaired physical, psychological, and social functioning problems. One of the problems with some of these substances is that withdrawal symptoms emerge when a person attempts to stop using these highly addictive substances. Withdrawal symptoms normally show up within a few hours of stopping an addictive substance and then begin to increase in severity as the body begins to metabolize the substance. In general withdrawal symptoms are different for each addictive substance. The most common types of withdrawal symptoms are listed below.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms

Eating and sleep disturbances Tremors Sweating begins with “fever”
Elevated Temperatures Elevated Blood Pressures Blood Sugar Changes
Sometime Hallucinations Agitation Change in pulse rates
Convulsions or Seizures Subtle or Obvious Shaking    Hyperreflexia
Hypertension Insomnia Vomiting or nausea
Weakness Irritability Anxiety
Restlessness Headaches Muscle aches
Depression Tinnitus Decreased concentration
Anorexia Increased pupil size Lacrimation (heavy tearing)
Hot or cold flashes Alcohol or drug cravings Abdominal Cramps


Some of the above common withdrawal symptoms are dangerous and lead to other medical complications. For this reason, it is always advisable to seek the help of a detox center to alleviate these symptoms from presenting. Medical detox centers will help to manage withdrawal symptoms from discontinued use of addictive substances.

What are the most common addictive substances that require the help of a medical detox center?

Since there are literally hundreds of addictive substances and combinations of derivatives of name-brand prescription medications and generic medications that are addictive it is important to check with the addiction detox facility prior to abruptly stopping an addictive drug. Below are the most common substances requiring medical detoxification. However, keep in mind that some substances may need medical oversight when stopping their usage for potential other medical problems. Some treatment centers offer a medical & stabilization program as an extra safety precaution.

Common Addictive Substances Requiring a Medical Detox Center

Alcohol Benzodiazepines Opioids
Amphetamines Barbiturates Valium®
Stimulants Cocaine Methamphetamines
Sedative Hypnotic Drugs Heroin Alcohol-based Cough Syrups
Codeine Adderall Sedative Drugs
Xanax® Methaqualone Anxiolytics Drugs
CNS Depressant Drugs Opiate Related Substances Methadone
Morphine Oxycontin® Oxycodone
Hydrocodone Using Multiple Substances Diazepine
Muscle Relaxer Drugs Soma Minor Tranquilizers
Seconal® Amytal® Nembutal®
Butisol® Alurate® Tuinal®
Luminal® Gemonil® Mebaral®


Do you need the assistance of a Detox Center in Texas?

Summer Sky can help you break free from addictive substances by providing you with a safe and effective medical detoxification program. In addition to medical detox services we also offer one of the best alcohol rehabs & drug rehabs in Texas. If you would like to schedule detox or treatment you can contact us at 1-888-857-8857.

Summer Sky Offers Addiction Treatment Options

People with addiction have many different problems and needs and for this reason, Summer Sky strives to offer detox and addiction treatment options to help people change their lives from an addictive lifestyle to a recovery-based lifestyle. By providing addiction treatment options Summer Sky is empowering individuals to recreate their lives in ways the individual never thought were possible. What seems to be impossible becomes possible when you choose to enter our alcohol or drug rehabs. Below is a sample listing of some of the addiction treatment options we provide.

Summer Sky Special Feature Services

 Most Common Health Insurance Companies Accepted

Aetna Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Cigna GEHA Humana
Magellan Health Multiplan PHCS Scott and White Health Plan
(UMR) United Healthcare Texas & National Health Plans


Don’t see your health plan listed? Call us for other health plans not listed above at 1-888-857-8857

Need Immediate Help Now?

Summer Sky is available 24 hours a day 7-days a week to help! Do you want to discuss treatment options?  If so, contact our confidential treatment line to discuss addiction treatment options. We can be reached by calling our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857.

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