Declare your Independence in July!


Making the decision to get help for an alcohol or drug problem is a big step and one of the most important decisions that an individual can make to become free from their addictions. So, on behalf of the families and individuals across the United States we are offering a July Special that is amazing for those looking for alcohol or drug treatment.

Summer Sky is a Nationally recognized alcohol and drug treatment program dedicated to helping those that suffer from alcohol and drugs find freedom through clinically focused treatment. We utilize the best practices in addiction medicine, medical detoxification, residential treatment and intensive outpatient programs in the State of Texas.

We want you to declare your independence from alcohol or drugs and allow Summer Sky to show you exactly why we have the best addiction treatment programs in the nation. We are extending special pricing to help accommodate individuals and families in removing the financial barriers to treatment.

Many people choose our 30-day treatment programs or 90-day treatment programs because we help stop the addictive cycle. We also provide solutions immediately upon admission into our programs. Summer Sky believes in options and choices, and we understand that most people want to be free from alcohol and drugs.

Summer Sky is an in-network insurance provider for most of all the insurance companies across the country. We are easily accessible to anywhere in Texas and often pick people up individuals at airports for those traveling to treatment inside or outside the State of Texas. We can transport you to the facility if this is something you need assistance with contact our admissions department to discuss this as a possible option.

To contact Sumer Sky, start by making a phone call to our admissions specialist at 1-888-857-8857, and we look forward to speaking with you about our treatment programs. Declare your independence from addictions and give us a call today.     

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