Dallas Texas Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Programs

Dallas Texas Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Programs:

If you need help because you are addicted to any opioid drugs, and you are living in the Dallas, Texas area then requesting help from an Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Program can literally bring freedom back into your life. Today medical detoxification and opioid use disorder treatment combined can help you restore balance back into your life by helping you become chemical-free from addictive substances.

Freedom from an Opioid Use Disorder:

It is critical and necessary for people that are addicted to opioid drugs to utilize the help of a trained medical detoxification treatment program to begin the process of becoming substance-free from opioid drugs. Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers opioid use disorder treatment so that you can break free from your addiction.

Medical Detoxification Programs help with the withdrawal symptoms and help to stabilize an individual from the acute aspect of the opioid use disorder. Removing opioid drugs from the body safely and comfortably is a necessary step in the detoxification process.

Medical Detoxification Program Staff:

The staff that is involved in treating people with opioid use disorder is a diverse group of addiction treatment specialists. Their knowledge and understanding are different than most medical personnel because they have to guide the individual through the detoxification process which does take another level of compassion and understanding for what the individual is experiencing in detox.

A medical detox facility will utilize physicians, nurses, and licensed chemical dependency counselors to help support the individual through the medical detox phase of the withdrawal process. In addition to qualified staff, the detox center will focus on providing compassionate care as medications are administered during detox.

The overall goal of detoxification with opioid use disorders is to safely and comfortably transition an individual from the addictive substance to stabilization. Entering a detox center is similar to having your own personal army to help you beat the addiction to the opioid drugs.

Detoxification from Opioid Drugs:

No one believes that becoming free from opioid drugs is an easy task. Millions of people that have been addicted to opioids in the past can testify that it’s not easy to make the decision to ask for help. However, millions of addicts can testify that once they made up their minds to ask for help from a medical detoxification program, the process was smooth and comfortable during the detoxification process.

Today, Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Programs are more advanced than in the past. They focus a great amount of attention to safety and comfort for those requesting medical detoxification from opioid drugs. Detoxification, in and of itself, does not constitute complete substance use disorder treatment; however, it is a pre-requisite to the entire treatment process. Becoming medically stable by entering a detox program will set you on the path to more treatment and recovery from your addiction.

Detoxification Essential Components:

During the opioid use disorder detox program, a person will experience three important essential components to their medical detoxification process.

  • Evaluation
  • Stabilization
  • Preparing an individual for entry into substance use treatment


The evaluation process is key to making sure that medical detoxification is successful for those that need medical detox. During the evaluation, the psychological, social, and physiological signs and symptoms of your drug usage will be examined. The determination of what medical detox protocols you will need will be assessed. Review of any coexisting conditions (medical, psychiatric, physical, etc.) needs will be looked at during the evaluation process.


Once the evaluation is complete, then the detox stabilization will begin after the diagnosis is complete and medical protocols will begin to address physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. This a complete medical procedure to help eliminate the toxic substances out of your body.

We call this medical stabilization or detoxification. The intensity level will be determined by the physical and psychological needs of the individual going through the detox phase of treatment. Your needs are the most important aspect of this process. Everyone is different in this area because the amount of a substance used in a person’s body is always different.

Preparing an individual for entry into substance use treatment:

The goal of Opioid Detoxification is to eliminate the addictive substance from one’s body and then prepare you for substance use disorder treatment. This requires making some tough decisions about the next phase of treatment to attend for your opioid use disorder treatment.

During the planning phase, the Physician, Nurses, and Counselors will help you with the decision and make recommendations that are in your best interest to help you become successful in treatment and recovery.

Below is a list of some types of treatment programs for you to consider:

Do you need help for an opioid use disorder today? If you need medical detox or substance use disorder treatment, then contact our Summer Sky Admissions Department at 1-888-857-8857.

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