Cost-Effective Alcohol or Drug Rehab Programs

Cost-Effective Alcohol or Drug Rehab Programs:

Often people are searching across the internet looking for alcohol or drug rehab programs that can help them break free from their addiction to substances. It happens daily that people log onto their smartphones, and computers and start putting into the search engine “Addiction Treatment Centers” and the search results return results immediately.

Then you begin navigating through the websites in hopes of finding a treatment center that can help you with your alcohol or drug problem. This is an all too familiar experience for individuals and families looking to get help for their substance-related problems. When you’re in a time of crisis it makes the search even more daunting to look at substance use disorder treatment programs.

If you or a loved one needs cost-effective alcohol or drug rehab program, then Summer Sky Treatment Center® can help by providing addiction treatment options that are realistic and accommodating to your desire to become substance free from any addictive chemicals.

Price Transparency for Drug Rehab Programs:

Many years ago, our organization noticed that there was less transparency when it comes to drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers making available their price structures for the general public to view or consider for the overall cost of addiction treatment services.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® set out to change this reality for the people we serve by making the cost of treatment known when people find our website or advertisements for treatment services. We also examined why is it that people don’t get the help that they need to become addiction free.

One of the top reasons was the cost of treatment can be a barrier to accessing drug and alcohol rehab programs. So, our organization began working on designing a realistic price structure that most consumers can afford, but as an organization, we wouldn’t have to compromise on services.

The Promotional Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Specials Were Born:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® has a long history of being the first treatment center in Texas to offer a wide variety of treatment services. We were the first treatment center in Texas to offer a short-term relapse track for people with a history of relapse. We also created a 10-day medical detox program that ensures people are stabilized from acute care withdrawal symptoms.

Summer Sky is an innovative substance use disorder treatment facility and is focused on delivering quality treatment with more affordable treatment options for people living in Texas and throughout the United States. We offer monthly promotional offers for our drug & alcohol rehabilitation programs, which ensures more people can access treatment services.

We recognized that financial barriers should never be the reason people don’t get help for their alcohol or drug problems and many of our staff are involved in the fight to increase funding for people with substance use disorders in Texas and across the United States. For this reason, we offer limited-time promotional drug & alcohol rehabilitation special rates monthly.

Medical Detoxification Drug & Alcohol Programs:

There is no doubt that medical detoxification programs are critical to the success of treating someone with a substance use disorder. The addictive drugs along with alcohol can cause disruptions within the individual that we often refer to as withdrawal symptoms.

People who experience withdrawal symptoms must be physically stabilized before psychological treatment can be effective at treating the substance use disorder. Summer Sky places a high priority on making sure each individual is screened and assessed for potential risk of acute withdrawal symptoms.

Managing Withdrawal Symptoms:

The withdrawal symptoms associated with people with substance use disorders can be very dangerous and life-threatening without 24-hour medically supervised detoxification services. To avoid potentially hazardous situations and experiences an individual should seek help from a substance use disorder treatment program that offers access to a medical detoxification program.

The medical detoxification program will safely and effectively detox the individual from the addictive substance and help the individual return to a state of homeostasis. Then as the stabilization becomes evident the individual will transition into the most appropriate level of care or treatment services.

Types of Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs Offered by Summer Sky:

30-Day Addiction Treatment $ 8,000.00* 60-Day Addiction Treatment $16,000.00*
90-Day Addiction Treatment $24,000.00* Summer Sky Chronic Relapse Track™ $8,000.00*
Medical Detox & Stabilization Program* $4,500.00 Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program $4,200.00


*Detox Included with the above addiction treatment specials “Limited Time Offer”


Management of Multiple Addictive Substances:

In more recent years we have seen an elevated need for addiction treatment that helps address people who have become addicted to multiple substances. These individuals may often require detoxification and more time in treatment to help unravel their preoccupation with addictive substances.

People are finding themselves addicted to multiple substances and as result, they are suffering from more complex medical conditions resulting in becoming addicted to more than one addictive substance. For this reason, there are multiple treatment options to help people recover from a substance use disorder. Below is a sample of cost-effective alcohol or drug rehab programs offered by Summer Sky.

Summer Sky Treatment Programs:

Summer Sky Additional Treatment Features:

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